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Friday, March 30, 2007

International Family Lawyer Releases Key Advices to Expats

Expats who experience family problems abroad require responsible counsel, information and support. Jeremy Morley, worldwide family lawyer in New York City, has published a list of key advices -- Top 10 Tips for Expats…

From an International Family Lawyer – based on his extensive experience in advising expats in family crises.

The detail is accessible at Morley’s website – – the most broadly-used online source of information regarding global family law matters.

Morley reports that, “Too frequently expats rush into action without planning their moves. They can discover themselves in big problem if they’re not very cautious.”

A big challenge is actually hard for people to find helpful information regarding the interaction between the laws of different countries. “That’s where I come in,” he says. “I work around the world with local counsel and we work purposefully.”

Occasionally it is essential to act very quickly and forcefully. At other times you require to take your time and apply one step at a time. jmorley@international-divorMorley says, “It’s really unlike most other areas of law—and that’s why I love it.”

· If you are pregnant and abroad should you stay or go home?

· If your kids are young should you permit their father to take them to his home country for the summer?

· If you’re moving abroad should you sell the house?

· If you’re feeling immovable in a foreign country should you take the kids and run home?

· Will a prenuptial agreement be fully recognized?

Jeremy is himself tremendously global in his individual life and his legal and business career. Born and cultured in England, he taught in law schools in the United States, Canada and England, practiced law in New York for 30 years, survived his own worldwide divorce case some years ago, has two American children, has dual British and U.S. nationality, has engaged in business ventures in many countries, is happily married to his 2nd wife, Eriko, from Japan, has lived in Japan, has a Japanese wife lived on 3 continents and taught in law schools in.

The International Family Law Office of Jeremy D. Morley, a New York law firm, offers customers with suggestion and representation concerning international child kidnapping and other global family law matters, acting with local counsel across the Globe.


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