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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Save Children and kick-off Crime through Custody Calculations:

23 year old law enforcement officer and also chief executive officer of Custody Calculations Catherine MacWillie, dealt daily with the issues pertaining to divorce and the family law court system.One of the added terrifying outcomes of the family law courts she came to witness was the capability of violent criminals and convicted licenced sexual criminals to obtain unmonitored visitation, even get full care of their kids. Catherine recognized the basis of this get-out together with other reviews that should be made to the divorce procedure throughout the growth of her business, Custody Calculations.

According to Catherine it is her expect that the courts will invest in practice the unique technology used in her fresh automatic web site service to assist the court distinguish and repair unsafe care choices that permit sexual killers to get care of their children or have unmonitored visitation and other subjects. She believes many of the changes that are desirable in family law are simple and could happen now, today, without any modification in the law. In some cases the reorganization of the court orders would be all that is wanted. These small changes would have the additional advantage of allowing families to get well faster from the divorce procedure than is now possible under the present system.

Ultimately these changes would too decrease the trauma, drama and destruction of divorce, minimize the number of valid court orders even offer for the use of such words as privacy and dignity in the divorce procedure. More instant and pressing, these changes would act to protect and secure the safety of kids.

Other alterations would permit divorcing parties to control, for the first time who has what information and when during and after divorce just by reorganizing the court orders. By using the services developed by Custody Calculations, these changes and even more are now possible!

While a majority of the time it is women who are victims of sexual predators, men would benefit from the obedience of criminal history by the other party. Men marry women who have criminal backgrounds of which they are unaware of as well. While women are more often guilty of prostitution, drug, and alcohol arrests there are a very small number of women who are sexual predators or women who have been arrested for severe neglect or abuse of their children. Again without this information, the court cannot make an “informed decision” for the protection, safety and welfare of children.

Criminal records, proof or lack thereof, would be submitted by the parties at the onset of the divorce procedure without additional costs or burden to the courts and would be notarized. Confirmation of the name, date of birth etc could be complete against the document. The detail information would become a part of the court record, to be filed and referred to with the rest of the necessary disclosures when determining custody.

While on the outside, this alteration would show to be overpowering and would need fresh legislation, it could be done with a minimum of attempt and would make sure the protection of children protecting them from abusers which can scarcely be argued against.


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