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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Top Pro Bono Attorneys in Arizona!!!

It was declared by Arizona divorce and family law firm Nirenstein, Ruotolo & González (NRG), PLC that partner and Arizona lawyer J. Vincent González has been selected as one of the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education's 2005 recipients of "Top Pro Bono Attorneys in Arizona."

In their assignment of "increasing access to justice for all Arizonans," the foundation instituted this award in 2001 to identify Arizona lawyers who have steadily given their time and ability to assist citizens who would otherwise have no legal resources. Mr. González has made unexpected aid and has shown wonderful attempts in making an impact in the life of domestic violence victims.

The Foundation organizes a statewide Department of Economic Security (DES) grant together with legal service programs plus with a lot of shelters across Arizona. The main reason of the grant is to offer access to legal services for family violence survivors.

Mr. González, a beginning member of NRG, offers over 7 years of family law practice to his position with a stress on assisting clientele in the prosecution and defense of family orders of guard and injunctions against harassment, criminal domestic violence violations, and general family law litigation.

Mr. Gonzalez is an existing member of the State Bar of Arizona's Case Conflicts Committee and the Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law. He is also a member of the Maricopa County Bar Association, Los Abogados, and a participant on the Membership Committee in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Nirenstein, Ruotolo & González, P.L.C. established in 2003 by 3 accomplished Arizona lawyers; NRG is a boutique family law firm that offers specialized representation in Arizona divorce and family law litigation, mediation, appellate review and mental health and elder law services. NRG boasts 7 skilled family law attorneys, 2 litigation analysts, 2 paralegals, and 3 support personnel. The firm symbolizes many diverse clientele, both in Arizona and countrywide, and is the major law firm in Arizona practicing divorce and family law completely.


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