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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bay Area family law firms

Bay Area family law firms -- Making Divorce Cost Effective

Everyone has horror stories about the Bay Area divorce process. People say that it takes years. People talk about spending huge and unexpected amounts of money on Vallejo family law firms. You hear about many instances where the divorce has harmed relationships with children, family, and friends. Many find that child support payments cause them to live as frugally as students until their children’s emancipation. Post-divorce problems can linger for years, even for a lifetime.

In a mediated divorce, the two divorcing parties meet with one mediator (usually, but not necessarily a service offered by Vallejo family law firms). You meet with a Bay Area family law firm a number of times. The Bay Area family law firm will to address and try to resolve the issues in your divorce. Bay Area family law firms hired in this capacity do not represent either of the parties. The Vallejo family law firms must be (and must be viewed by the parties as) an impartial, objective, fair third-party.

A mediated divorce (using advocate lawyers at relevant points) is the Camry of divorces. It’s solid, safe for the most part, and it can do almost everything you want. But the collaborative divorce is like a Prius. It has the most advanced resources at its disposal. It’s groundbreaking, and it can turn a sometimes dirty process into something that is a lot better for the environment.

The premise of collaborative divorce is to resolve the divorce though a series of meetings between the clients and their respective Bay Area family law firms. These four-way meetings are actually what the courts require litigants to do prior to the trial in a litigated divorce.

So.., the main difference is that instead of you, your spouse and a Bay Area family law firm, you have you, your spouse and two Bay Area family law firms - one for each of you. The benefits of collaborative law are great. Better, more workable, and longer-lasting solutions are generated. Relationships with family are preserved. It is generally not more expensive than mediated divorces (with the advocate attorneys’ critical involvement.) It is generally much less expensive than litigated divorces.

I hope your brain isn't spinning too much at this point. But here's it in a nutshell, you can
- mediate
- have a collaborative divorce
- create a separation agreement.
- duke it our in court.

The first three are usually the best.

Before filing your dissolution, contact multiple Bay Area family law firms - or better yet, fill in our contact form and let us give you a list of the best Bay Area family law firms for your particular case. Divorce is quite emotional but, the court sees it strictly as a legal matter. The law is designed to be fair, and that's all Bay Area family law firms are trying to do. Help you create a fair settlement.

It might be worthwhile to consult with our Bay Area family law firms. Fill out our contact form and let us help you.

Bay Area Family Law

Finding a Good Bay Area Family Law Lawyer

Common sense tells us that we need to shop for a Bay Area family law lawyer as carefully as possible. Just think about what what's at stake in a divorce. Shopping for an attorney can be like shopping for an electrician, mortician or a plumber: you don’t use one until you need one, and you don’t know what to look for to find one. Consider just a few points before you pick up the phone and call a Bay Area divorce attorney.

Bay Area family law is a complex set of legislation, case law, and court rules which guide courts in when resolving disputes within families. As such, it is a very specialized legal topic with complex sets of factors and application processes. Thus, the first requirement for a good Bay Area family law attorney is a comprehensive knowledge of Bay Area State family law and its application. Find out if the prospective lawyer is a specialist in family law or just takes some cases from time to time.

However, it is not enough to have taken a Bay Area family law class in law school. More important is knowing how judges analyze kinds of facts and arguments. Also, a good Bay Area family law lawyer knows her opponent’s theory of the case and what kind of case works well against it. Thus, the second thing you ought to seek in a Bay Area family law attorney is experience. Ask a prospective attorney if he or she has handled cases like yours before and if so, how often.

Furthermore, but perhaps the hardest to gauge, it is important that your Bay Area family law attorney work ethically within the profession. This applies to several areas. For example, a good divorce attorney will not incite litigation to generate fees. People in family crisis seek a professional attorney in order to solve a problem, and your Bay Area family law lawyer should help you do just that. True, some disputes are beyond mediation. But an ethical Bay Area family law attorney will litigate professionally and honestly and is respected by her peers for this approach. Finally, an ethical Bay Area family law attorney knows that your case concerns the most important aspects of his client’s life and that family law cases are sensitive and emotional. You should feel confident that your Bay Area family law attorney works toward your interest, hears your ideas, and is honest about your position.

The Bay Area family law lawyers that we work with are carefully chosen family law specialists, professionally well respected, and highly experienced litigators. Our attorneys have helped people in family crisis with reasonable, empathetic, honest Bay Area family law representation. If you have questions regarding your legal separation, dissolution, child support and visitation, or adoption case, contact one of our attorneys today.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

San Jose Family Law – Laws for the families belonging to the millennium

Everyone knows that family law matters are highly emotional. Family law attorneys from San Jose understand how much pain one has to undergo while restructuring ones own family. San Jose Family Law is a comprehensive set of laws brought into existence to assist couples to amicably settle their marital issues which have been tearing their lives apart.

Attorneys from San Jose have shown exemplary commitment and dedication towards their clients while dealing with issues relating to San Jose Family Law. Some of the subjects which fall under San Jose Family Law are divorce, child custody, child support, visitation and placement, father’s rights paternity, post-judgment child support issues, adoption, guardianship, temporary orders, legal separation, premarital and prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, maintenance or alimony, post-judgment modifications, judgment enforcement, division of retirement assets, marital property and property division issues, complex business valuation, tax ramifications of divorce etc.

The San Jose family law attorneys have become highly knowledgeable and experienced as they possess years of experience representing family law cases. Their approach to San Jose family law cases has been aggressive and proactive. These attorneys co-operate with their clients to reach a reasonable representation catering to the exclusive need of each client.

The San Jose family law attorneys have constantly been updating and keeping themselves abreast with new changes and additions to San Jose family law. Supreme importance is assigned to their clientele; the attorneys provide highly personalized and cost effective representations in the court.

San Jose Child Custody Attorney – For the Future of Your Child

In San Jose, child custody provisions vary depending on the circumstantial issues surrounding the case. San Jose child custody rules follow the standard rule as stipulated in its code. Child custody is a complex matter, and the relevant laws are extremely complicated. Child Custody, aside from the conjugal properties, is an important aspect of a contested divorce case. This is a battle that can be traumatic for both parents involved. A client who is represented by a competent San Jose child custody attorney has a better chance of winning the case.

Child Custody lawsuits pertain to child safety, adoption and supervision, termination of parental rights and/or deliberate placement of the child. Each San Jose child custody attorney represents the case in accordance with the law. This is where the key to the successful representation lies. However, not all San Jose child custody attorneys are alike. So, the choice of the right San Jose child custody attorney is of prime importance.

Every San Jose child custody attorney has effectively represented many San Jose clients in contested child custody and parenting plan matters. As a result of our substantial experience, they can offer clients proven strategies in negotiating and litigating these cases. Many years of experience of San Jose child custody attorneys has already entailed many resounding success stories. They approach the child custody and parenting plan cases with intensity and respect. Each San Jose child custody attorney recognizes their responsibility not only to promote their clients but also to protect the best interests of the child. These are some of the rare traits that the San Jose child custody attorney uses to negotiate their cases with élan and elegance.

Dealing with cases as serious and delicate as child custody and parenting plan calls for being compassionate with the clients. The adept and experienced San Jose child custody attorneys are aware of the psychological disposition of the clients and are very particular about dealing with the clients. Hence, they help the clients feel at ease throughout the process and, this in turn, becomes instrumental in reaching at favorable decisions. Before initiating or responding to cases involving the establishment or change in primary residential custody, the San Jose child custody attorney carefully reviews with their client the strengths and weaknesses of their cases. The San Jose attorneys also explore the possibilities of an acceptable and agreed resolution. This ensures that each client makes an informed decision on how to proceed in a disputed San Jose child custody case.

San Francisco Los Gatos Attorneys: The Savior of Marriage

The mere mentioning of a San Francisco Los Gatos Attorneys brings to mind the picture of an attorney that looks pretty ideal. He/she is not just anther family law attorney tied up with a monotonous profession merely for the sake of making his/her ends meet. Let us introduce you to the real San Francisco Los Gatos Attorneys who is considered to be a savior of marriage. He/she knows that he/she belongs to this profession and derives unfathomable professional satisfaction from his service.
The San Francisco Los Gatos Attorneys get connected to their clients within no time, listen to them carefully, understand their pain, and suggest a way-out to rid them of their problems. This exceptionally competent San Francisco Los Gatos Attorneys have years of combined family law litigation experience which they use to kindle a light of hope in the lives of virtually despondent couples.
They bring effective and favorable outcomes to their clients due to considerable experience in representing hundreds of clients in the matter of divorce, child custody, child support, pre-nuptial/post-nuptial/co-habitation agreement, division of property, relocation and other similar issues of Los Gatos family law.
The San Francisco Los Gatos Attorneys are compassionate towards their clients and make it easy for them to cope with crisis and make a successful representation before the court of law. As responsible attorneys, they go that extra mile which helps them emerge victorious before the court.

San Francisco Family Law Attorneys for Successful Co-habitation

The national marriage project has published their annual report (The State of Our Unions: The Social Health of Marriage in America, 2005). The findings of this report are quite alarming. From 1960 to 2004, the number of unmarried couples in USA has increased tenfold and the rate of marriage has declined sharply. The existing scenario is further worsening with the prevalent pre-conceived notion that co-habitation is the only way-out to a successful marriage. Co-habitation is like a prenuptial agreement wherein the partners can stay together and find out whether they are compatible with each other in the long run. This is a legal process and widely accepted by society.

This statistics unfold the deep concerns of the people about possibilities of failed marriages as well. So, their decision for pre-marriage cohabitation does not seem to be invalid. In fact, often the pre-nuptial or post-nuptial cohabitations work best for a successful future marriage. But, before they decide on such an arrangement, it is very important to find a right attorney who can help them.

The San Francisco Family Law attorneys are some of the best professionals to approach with regards to issues pertaining to co-habitation agreements. The San Francisco Family Law attorneys can tell you how you can greatly benefit from a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial co-habitation agreement. When thinking of the many benefits of marriage, the economic aspects should never be overlooked. San Francisco Family Law attorneys can help you avoid expensive and confrontational divorce litigation.

Like other states, San Francisco Family Law takes into consideration various factors before granting cohabitation. There are certain factors that play a major role in deciding the fate of cohabitation. They are free consent of both parties to agreement, full disclosure of parties’ assets, subjects of the agreement. However, a competent San Francisco Family Law lawyer can advise you on the factors that the court will take into considerations before enforcement of the cohabitation agreement.

The San Francisco Family Law attorneys have drafted many cohabitation agreements for the benefit of the couples who desire clarity and transparency before going into the marriage. It is very important on the part of both parties to know the financial expectations of each other before they get married. The San Francisco Family Law attorneys are completely conversant with every nuance of San Francisco Family Law and General Contract Law, and thus, are in a unique position to represent the clients. People, who have substantial assets and want to be free from future litigation of any sort, can go for the sound services of these talented, successful and renowned San Francisco Family Law lawyers.

San Francisco Child Custody Attorneys: An Immense Support To The Community

Child custody is a very sensitive and emotional issue. San Francisco child custody attorneys are fluent in provisions of law with regards to child custody. They are well-versed with the ways of law and how to deal with clients facing problems in child custody. The San Francisco child custody attorneys are very experienced in the matters relating to the child custody. Due to years of experience in representing cases relating to child custody, the San Francisco child custody attorneys have become affluent in the use of these laws and settling these cases. The proficiency of these lawyers is reflected in their receiving various accolades like ‘AV’ ratings and the ‘San Francisco Best Lawyer’ etc.

These San Francisco child custody attorneys are people with high integrity and dignity. These lawyers see to it that the organizational goals as well as the personal and individual objectives are met. They keep this in mind that their ultimate objective is to satisfy the clients. The San Francisco child custody attorneys understand that for amicable resolution of the case, both parties involved have to be satisfied to a ce