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Thursday, March 22, 2007

San Francisco Family Law Attorneys for Successful Co-habitation

The national marriage project has published their annual report (The State of Our Unions: The Social Health of Marriage in America, 2005). The findings of this report are quite alarming. From 1960 to 2004, the number of unmarried couples in USA has increased tenfold and the rate of marriage has declined sharply. The existing scenario is further worsening with the prevalent pre-conceived notion that co-habitation is the only way-out to a successful marriage. Co-habitation is like a prenuptial agreement wherein the partners can stay together and find out whether they are compatible with each other in the long run. This is a legal process and widely accepted by society.

This statistics unfold the deep concerns of the people about possibilities of failed marriages as well. So, their decision for pre-marriage cohabitation does not seem to be invalid. In fact, often the pre-nuptial or post-nuptial cohabitations work best for a successful future marriage. But, before they decide on such an arrangement, it is very important to find a right attorney who can help them.

The San Francisco Family Law attorneys are some of the best professionals to approach with regards to issues pertaining to co-habitation agreements. The San Francisco Family Law attorneys can tell you how you can greatly benefit from a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial co-habitation agreement. When thinking of the many benefits of marriage, the economic aspects should never be overlooked. San Francisco Family Law attorneys can help you avoid expensive and confrontational divorce litigation.

Like other states, San Francisco Family Law takes into consideration various factors before granting cohabitation. There are certain factors that play a major role in deciding the fate of cohabitation. They are free consent of both parties to agreement, full disclosure of parties’ assets, subjects of the agreement. However, a competent San Francisco Family Law lawyer can advise you on the factors that the court will take into considerations before enforcement of the cohabitation agreement.

The San Francisco Family Law attorneys have drafted many cohabitation agreements for the benefit of the couples who desire clarity and transparency before going into the marriage. It is very important on the part of both parties to know the financial expectations of each other before they get married. The San Francisco Family Law attorneys are completely conversant with every nuance of San Francisco Family Law and General Contract Law, and thus, are in a unique position to represent the clients. People, who have substantial assets and want to be free from future litigation of any sort, can go for the sound services of these talented, successful and renowned San Francisco Family Law lawyers.


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