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Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Freelance Paralegal Is To Improve Your Practice

Temporary contract paralegal offered to work for your law firm specializing in individual wound, medical misconduct, nursing home, social and business court case, trial work, insolvency and family law. A temporary or contract paralegal is one that is momentary and accessible to take on temporary basis, continuing basis, per diem or per case projects with no commitments beyond any commissioned assignment.

These features can vary from supporting with lawsuit guidance, covering worker nonattendance, or coming to an attorneys’ office to pick up files or overload work. Oftentimes the excellence of provisional work coming out of an organization to cover for absent employees is less than well-organized or gainful, and sometimes not worth the cost or trouble of having a temp there at all. I read an article freshly where a freelance paralegal was quoted telling the autonomous contract paralegal absolutely.

“Those of us who temporary have generally had years of practice inside the legal expert and know there is far more to being a lawful secretary than answering phones and that paralegals are much more capable and much more valuable than reviewing files and documents. We did not turn into freelancers on a wing and a prayer. We have to do what a business does - we present ourselves with reliability and skill and all we have to present is our time and our skill. We also be acquainted with the limits of our skills and we know what the job actually entails,” She said.

So, how can a contract paralegal help your practice?

I have spent the better part of the last 16 years working as a temporary paralegal trying to make attorneys appreciate how a temporary paralegal can assist their practice. Then, one day, in talking to a client, who shared with me how he convinced his partners of the financial benefits of employing a temporary paralegal, I appreciated that I was approaching this was the wrong technique.


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