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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dan Longo Speaks at the California State Bar’s Annual Meeting

As a superior associate and Co-Chair of the Health Law Practice Group at Murchison & Cumming Dan Longo, spoke at the California State Bar’s yearly conference in Monterey, California last Thursday, October 10. Mr. Longo’s presentation, entitled "Tips and Traps in Elder Abuse Litigation", offered details on how to recognize and handle matters occurring out of nursing home lawsuit, as well as matters of physical and monetary mistreatment and avoid.

Over thousands of lawyers turned out for this year's Oct. 10-13 conference, which too celebrated the 75th birthday of the California State Bar. Programs provided continuing lawful teaching on subjects with criminal law, family law, intellectual property and estate planning and workers compensation.

Mr. Longo spotlights his experiment practice on the areas of professional accountability and health care, with exacting significance in the protection of medical experts and long-term care facilities. Additionally, he has wide knowledge handling lawful misconduct, employment proceedings and common liability subjects. Mr. Longo is a Committee Chair for the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel and active in the Professional Liability Underwriters Society, the Defense Research Institute, the American Board of Trial Advocates and the California State Bar. He is resident in the firm’s Orange County headquarters.

With a solid history dating back to 1930, Murchison & Cumming is one of California’s oldest civil lawsuit defense firms. From our organizations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and Las Vegas our 75 attorneys handle business, tort and other complex civil litigation on a narrow, regional and countrywide basis for our domestic and international customers.

Murchison & Cumming is devoted to offering excellence lawful services, professionally and cheaply, while attentively reacting to the individual wants of every customer. The firm’s attorneys give the individual concentration one would imagine to receive from a small firm with the resources of a large firm.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Gordon Joins Sheller Firm

“Bill is a great addition to our law firm. Since we keep on increasing, it is a satisfaction to connect powers which attorneys such as him”, this is what Stephen A. Sheller, Esquire, managing associate of the Sheller firm said freshly.

Previous to Sheller, Ludwig & Badey, Mr. Gordon served as president and organization investor of Gordon & Gordon, P.C. For approximately 20 years, he handled common private injury, medical misconduct, products accountability, social privileges and family law in their Philadelphia headquarters. Mr. Gordon is decelerated to the practice of law in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida. He is a 1981 graduate of the University Of Miami School Of Law.

Mr. Gordon aggressively scuba dives with his son, is an associate of NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors), and has presently taken up breeding standard poodles. He is too a sailing coach and a associate of The Masons, Montgomery Lodge 19, the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association, The Association of Trial Lawyers of America and the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association. He lives in Philadelphia.

Sheller, Ludwig & Badey ( is dedicated to the aggressive and passionate representation of its customers. The firm spotlights chiefly on the representation of individuals and classes across the United States suffering a diverse range of injuries resulting from medical action to faulty products and machines to unjust trade practices. Sheller, Ludwig & Badey too keeps a lively and varied practice representing labor unions.

Schafer & Carr Co., LPA at the Bar in Akron, Ohio

Attorneys Julie A. Schafer and Melissa B. Carr are joyful to publicize the creation of Schafer & Carr Co., LPA, a specialized lawful organization serving Northeastern Ohio and mainly, the Greater Akron region.

Ms. Schafer’s practice focuses on family relationships and family law, business pattern and general business law will preparation and probate management, insolvency and juvenile dependency/neglect/abuse cases. Ms. Schafer earned her J.D. from The University of Akron, her MBA from The University of Akron, and graduated summa cum laude from Hiram College. Ms. Schafer is vigorously concerned in the society, presently serving her 6th year on the Copley- Fairlawn Board of Education and earned Awards of Achievement for her contribution from the Ohio School Boards Association in 2001 and 2002.

Ms. Carr will be spotlighting on service discrimination/wrongful termination, sexual irritation, immature law, landlord/tenant law and general social court case. She earned her J.D. from The University of Akron, serving on the Law Review Board and graduating cum laude, and her Bachelor of Arts from Heidelberg College, graduating magna cum laude. Ms. Carr is aggressively concerned with the Street Law agenda at her alma mater, Norton High School.

The firm is momentarily situated at 1745 W. Market St, Akron, Ohio and will be relocating to the New Harmony Pointe office condominiums at 755 White Pond Dr., Suite 403, Akron, Ohio in May, 2005. For additional details, contact Julie A. Schafer, 1745 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio 44313. Phone (330) 864-2003, fax (330) 864-7157.

Prominent Attorney Faces Jail Time

Judge Sarah Springer in Civil Action No 00-0038-S, issued an order to take into custody Ms Karen Spencer of the esteemed law firm Spencer & Spencer for Jackson Ms and her customer. Ms. Spencer stands for a mother's suit against her ex-husband, a local minister who has been charged of repetitively sexually assaulting his daughter.

Trial began Feb 03, 2006, in which Ms Spencer, represented by well-known criminal defense lawyer, Cynthia H. Speetjeans, was blamed of cheering her customer to leave Springer's authority, and ironically, some of the proof of the mistreatment suffered by the child and her little brother was heard by the Court for the first time. The little girl told her analyst at The Collin County Children's Advocacy Center, where her mother had taken her for intensive help, that her "daddy” had a sexual relationship with her since she "was 6." Texas defensive Services performed an autonomous inquiry and found the biological father responsible of sexually assaulting his daughter. Police, attorneys, 2 psychologists appointed by Judge Springer, and many others, all of whom have the same opinion that the child is telling the reality.

Judge Springer, in an irritated rage, seized custody from this public school teacher mother and handed custody to the biological father. At the same time she issued an order to appear to be arrested for Ms. Spencer and her customer. Sanctions were also placed on Ms Spencer. Arguments were heard and are still pending for Ms Spencer to give the court $70,000.00 in attorney fees she has earned in this complex civil case. The $70,000.00 was argued to be divided among the Guardian ad Litem, Edward N. Kramer, 111, and the natural father's lawyer, Stewart Parrish with “whatever is left to be used to locate the mother." What was the cause of the judge's rage against the attorney and her customer? The mother had refused to permit the natural father 10 days of unsupervised visitation, with weeks of unsupervised visitation scheduled to follow the 10 days.

This climax in this sexual attack case that resulted in the issuing of an order to appear to be arrested and different other very unhelpful orders, against Ms Spencer and her customer began July 16, 2004, after an unverified weekend visit with the natural father. The mother alerted by an unpleasant note, her daughter had "secretly" written to her, took her to a medical psychologist who right away planned a physical exam with physician trained in child molestation cases. This physician transferred the child to U.M. Hospital Rape & Crisis Center - Jackson. The little girl had been sexually assaulted and was wounded poorly. Who had done this to the little girl and what does that have to do with the order to appear to be arrested of a prominent Jackson attorney? The man, the child has constantly said sexually attacked her, was awarded care and the females, who were turning the legal world advantage down to defend the child, were issued orders to appear to be arrested among other very harmful orders in Judge Springer’s court.

“The Pro bono Show” Gives Advice on Legal Issues

Along with Michael Zinna from MZ Radio Productions, Rich Harris of The Harris Law Firm has generated and commenced The Pro Bono Show. The Pro Bono Show (PBS), supported by The Harris Law Firm, is a converse show arrangement that permits KHOW listeners to call the station and speak frankly with the lawyers on the show regarding their lawful subjects. The practice areas presently addressed are family law, personal injury, and employment law.

The show airs on Sundays on 630 KHOW from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and features anchor support, Rich Harris from The Harris Law Firm from 10:00 am to 11 a.m. talking regarding family law, focusing on Colorado divorce and child custody. From 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on alternating weeks, John Mattey, from John J. Mattey and Associates will talk about personal injury, and Diane King and Paula Greisen from King and Greisen will converse public privileges and employment law.

The Pro Bono Show’s anchor support, The Harris Law Firm, is a Denver, Colorado based family law firm offering legal services for Colorado divorce, child care, and other subjects associated to family law.

Information from New York Divorce Lawyer

I have been working in the field of family law since 1983, as a New York City divorce lawyer. Firstly, I started out as a law clerk in a standard sized matrimonial and real estate law firm in Santa Monica California. Currently, I am a New York City lawyer, having freshly opened up a branch of my practice in New York City. I love what I do. I travel a lot assisting other lawyers in other States as well. I have been practicing family law and criminal law completely since 1986, approximately 20 years and I like to believe I know what I am talking on.

I have, of late, co-authored and published a DVD and VHS video on Divorce Law, which is obtainable for buy at my web site or through It is in the procedure of being circulated countrywide. The DVD is called "Divorce Tactic by attorney Lisa Beth Older" and has much precious information regarding what you should know and anticipate previous to going through a divorce. The nuances of the law make it near impracticable for litigants to represent themselves where there are children and property. That is because the case law of the State of New York on divorce dictates certain results and limitations on the parties once there is a final Judgment.

There are many assets privileges people do not even think are subject to equitable distribution, which I would like to divide with you. No person is ideal, and no lawyer is great. That is why it is necessary to tell yourself of your privileges as best as probable and the New York lawyer you choose will be better equipped to clarify the processes and coasts involved to see if it is an avenue you may wish to explore in litigation. If you cannot have enough money to hire an expert witness to value the license of your spouse you may still use this information as bargaining leverage.

You may also be interested to learn that you have an interest in any pension accrued during the marriage or in any savings, stock or brokerage or checking accounts of your spouse, even if you did not formally or directly contribute to them. Another area of complete surprise seems to be that the parties do not always know that if the husband or wife owned a house before the marriage, and if capital improvements were spent in maintaining the house, you might be entitled to up to fifty percent of the appreciation in value attributable to that capital development. You may also be permitted to argue an interest in funds or equity in your spouse’s business, even if the corporation is titled in partner’s names, as well.

The contract you sign as to child support and child care is one more topic in total. In that case, the Court permits the parties to change their contract from time to time upon a good threshold showing of an unanticipated change in circumstances, increased needs, the needs of the children are not being met by the divorce judgment, or it would be in the best interests of the children to alter the terms of the separation agreement. If you do not plead your case properly from the beginning your petition may be subject to dismissal. That is why it is important to at least consult with a New York Divorce Lawyer before filing any paper in Court. See a NY divorce lawyer first. I desire you a speedy and fair settlement of your divorce issues and a speedy end to any misery the divorce process may have caused you

J. Vincent González Appointed to Conflict Case Committee

The divorce lawyer and associate in the Scottsdale family law organization of Nirenstein, Ruotolo & González (NRG), PLC, J. Vincent González has been selected to a 3 term as a associate of the Conflict Case group by the State Bar of Arizona.

Chosen by the State Bar’s Board of Governors, Mr. González will process, inspect and act against every features of disciplinary cases involving associates of the State Bar’s Board of Governors, State Bar staff, Supreme Court Disciplinary Hearing Officers, and associates of the Court’s Disciplinary Commission. Even though the Committee consists of 11 associates, every associate works separately on the subjects to which he/she is assigned. Conflict Case Committee associates must be legal and lively State Bar associates in good standing.

Mr. González, a beginning associate of NRG, provides more than 7 years of family law knowledge to his position with a stress on assisting customers in the prosecution and defense of family orders of defense and injunctions against harassment, criminal family violence abuses, and common family law proceedings. As an existing associate of the State Bar of Arizona's Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law, Mr. González is also a part of Los Abogados and a participant on the Membership Committee in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Introduced in 2003 by 3 talented family law attorneys, NRG is a boutique firm that gives professional representation in Arizona divorce and family law litigation, mediation, appellate review and mental health and elder law services. NRG boasts 7 skilled family and divorce lawyers, two lawsuit analysts, two paralegals, and three support personnel. The firm represents many diverse customers, both in Arizona and countrywide, and is the major law firm in Arizona practicing family law exclusively. For extra information, please visit

Lisa Beth Offers Free Divorce Seminar

Be prepared to learn how to handle your divorce! Lisa Beth Older, Esq., a well-known New York divorce lawyer, will present 2 free divorce seminars on New York Divorce featuring a program of information and giving resources intended to assist those experiencing difficulties in the areas of New York Family law or New York divorce law. A research program is in the works. For now, 1 person per seminar will be qualified for free authorized representation in a divorce case that is “pro bono” representation.

The initial seminar will be held in Battery Park City, New York on a first come/ first serve basis. So as to gage public in joining this predictable occasion on divorce law to be offered by New York City attorney Lisa Beth Older you must call before May 1, 2005, so call ahead to place for seating at 212-786-0901, or 845-246-0400. For additional updates try going to the web page or write in to Soul Mate Studio c/o P.O. Box 697 Woodstock New York 12498. Limited seating available on a first come, first serve basis.

The major narrator at the program will be New York Divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older, who is a cultured, expressive and inspiring narrator for all people that have been challenged by life's personal misfortunes. Her seminar will give precious information and resources on useful ways in which to best guard the inherent right of your children to be protected from the vicissitudes of divorce. As a child, Lisa Beth Older was a product of broken marriages. As a mature, Lisa Beth Older, Esq. turned her stumbling blocks into stepping-stones in her ever-rising career as a New York State Divorce lawyer.

New York City divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older sees the separating or divorce procedure as a possible chance rather than as desperate solution and includes that attitude in her exciting seminars: Lisa Beth Older says, “I see divorce as a method to progress your life. Faced with new challenges, living on your own too offers new opportunities. For one, you are providing your self with a new start, a 2nd chance, so to speak, to meet a life partner that will treat you more gently or is friendlier with your life style or needs. Secondly, and more significantly, if you have children, your children will not have to be subjected to the unexpected and later regretful arguments of their parents, both of whom they love dearly and see as a reflection of themselves.”

Learn to make your divorce decisions like you would make any of your other business decisions, taking into account the needs and best interests of your children and how best to preserve the marital estate. A New York State Divorce Lawyer is necessary to assist you place what you require into your separation agreement so that it protects your legal rights, but only you can provide the solution to your family problems, the answers that will actually work for you. Your input is essential, but try not to immerse yourself in, or try to understand the "how to" of the process, let your New York Divorce Attorney or New York City Divorce Lawyer figure out the legalities.

As much as broad information goes, the seminar expects to demystify the divorce procedure. An intelligent old Judge once summarized divorce law like this: Do not make it more complex than it has to be. Make your separation choices like you would make any of your other business decisions, taking into account the needs and best interests of your children and how best to preserve the marital estate.

Karen Meislik Unveiled Updated Website

Montclair, New Jersey family law and divorce lawyer, Karen Meislik, freshly revealed a modernized website situated at The website characteristics an lawyer profile detailing Ms. Meislik’s background and skill. It too holds information on the kinds of separation claims that she deals with in the Montclair region. The website in addition includes information on kinds of Alimony, Child Support, Child Custody, Dividing Property, and Marital Debt cases.

Ms. Meislik is a specialized matrimonial lawyer who has been representing customers since 1985 with a firm belief and devotion towards her work. Karen Meislik has freshly received the 2004 Essex County Bar Association Family Law Attorney Achievement Award in respect of her years of solid work. She is accepted by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to be a third party in order to make easy resolutions between divorcing pairs without the vast expenses of court case. Ms. Meislik too volunteers for the Women’s Resource Center. With her updated website, she will be able to reach out to a larger range of people going through divorce in the Montclair area. The website also presents a common legal resource for people just seeking additional information regarding different types of divorce law.

Christine Branstad Takes The Reins of ARAG

A famous legal services provider ARAG® welcomes Christine Branstad as its Director of Legal Network Management and Development. Branstad have above 10 years of practice working in private practice and court case organization. Her tasks involve helping the staffing, preservation and support of ARAG’s lawyer Network.

“Christine’s management assists bolster our procedure to build and maintain strong partnerships that directly benefit our plan members,” said Robert Fishman, ARAG’s president and CEO. “Our complete lawyer system delivers peace of mind to individuals requiring legal assistance and information.”

Earlier than ARAG, Branstad worked in private practice. Her background comprises social lawsuit and family law. Branstad too worked at EMC Insurance Companies as a subrogation lawyer where she performed direct proceedings and litigation supervision of outside counsel. She tried over 50 jury trials as a helper Jasper County lawyer in Newton, Iowa, and was appointed the area drug prosecutor for a task force of multiple law enforcement agencies.

Branstad has the bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and her Juris Doctor from Drake University. Her enlightening background comprises serving as a scholar lawyer for the Drake Legal Clinic, a professor’s research helper and a judicial intern. Branstad also clerked for a civil litigation attorney and worked for the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers. She is licensed to practice in Iowa and the District of Columbia.

Branstad is a member of the Iowa Trial Lawyers Association, The Association of Trial Lawyers of America, The Iowa Bar Association and The American Bar Association. She also is a Master of the Bench in the Blackstone Inn of Court.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Gary K. Daglian

Klinedinst PC is glad to introduce Gary K. Daglian as the newest lawyer to join the firm's Los Angeles law office. Mr. Gary K. Daglian is a general civil attorney, defending business and professionals in complex legal matters.

As a licensed real estate broker, Gary K. Daglian has diverted much of his legal practice in real estate matters. He represents real estate brokers and salespersons in all aspects of litigation. Cases he has handled include issues related fiduciary responsibilities, agency principles, contracts, allegations of ethics violations, disclosure requirements and unfair lending practices.

"Gary is a dynamic individual who will be an integral part of our real estate practice group. He is able to quickly get his arms around the issues confronting his clients, and craft a comprehensive legal defense. We're very pleased to have him join the Los Angeles office as our newest attorney." said John D. Klinedinst, CEO of Klinedinst PC

Gary K. Daglian’s practice is not confined to real estate legal defense. He is skilled at handling a wide range of civil litigation, including business disputes and professional liability matters. He also has worked extensively in the family law probate arena, representing families and estates in probate court litigation.

A graduate of Loyola Law School, Gary K. Daglian was a member of was placed on the Dean's List and was recognized for his skill in the art of oral advocacy. He was the recipient of the First Honors Award in Trial Advocacy and was a member of the Dean's List who was recognized for his skill in the art of oral advocacy. He also was selected as a member of Loyola's nationally-ranked Byrne Trial Advocacy Team and the Scott Moot Court Honors Board to represent Loyola in various national trial and appellate competitions in the National Civil Trial competition.

He graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Southern California. While at USC, Gary K. Daglian was the recipient of the Kalpakian Scholarship, and continues to be active in the local Armenian community.

Klinedinst PC welcomes Gary K. Daglian to its growing roster of Los Angeles attorneys. To learn more about his qualifications, please review his resume online at:

Margaret H. Tyre

Local attorney Margaret H. Tyre, Esq. has had two recent articles on Collaborative Divorce Law published in the Westchester County Bar Newsletter, a publication of the Westchester County Bar Association, located in White Plains, New York. The famous article of Margaret H. Tyre "Collaborative Law" was published in the November 2005 edition of the newsletter and her article "Collaborative Law - How Does it Work?" was published in the May 2006 edition of the newsletter.

Margaret H. Tyre, who is with Tyre & DeThomas, in Rye, New York is a skilled matrimonial and family law practitioner, and a founding member of the Association of Collaborative Lawyers of Rockland/Westchester and a member of the New York Collaborative Law Group. She is also an active member of the Westchester County Bar Association where she serves on the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section.

Ronald Allen Page

Allen & Carwile, P.C. is glad to declare that Ronald Allen Page, Jr. has joined the firm as an associate. Ronald Allen Page graduated from Washington & Lee University School of Law in May 2005. While at Washington & Lee he worked under Buena Vista Commonwealth's Attorney Chris Russell, personally prosecuting over 70 cases. He was sworn in as an attorney before the Supreme Court of Virginia on October 31, 2005.

Prior to Allen & Carwile, Ronald Allen Page spent the summer of 2004 working in the D.C. Office of the Attorney General, Criminal Division. He served as law clerk to Assistant Attorney General Anthony Gagliardi.

Ronald Allen Page was born in Freehold, New Jersey, but spent most of his formative years living in the suburban Detroit, Michigan area. He attended Athens High School in Troy, Michigan. He then attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His major fields of study were history and quantitative political science. He earned an Honors Degree in Political Science in 1999. His senior honor's thesis, "Examining Civil and Political Rights in Latin America", was published in the Michigan Journal of Political Science, Issue 27, Fall 1999.

Join us in welcoming Ronald Allen Page to the firm of Allen & Carwile and to the practice of law. We are certain that this bright young man will make a wonderful addition as an associate.

Lisa Beth Older

Famous for her legal prowess and assertive representation in Courts throughout New York State and in Federal Court, New York Lawyer Lisa Beth Older has expanded her legal services to offer mediation services in the field of Divorce and Family Law, and now offers free consultations in personal injury and accident cases and free legal telephone consultations on issues of divorce, separation, and custody issues. Attorney Lisa Beth Older, Esq. has a colorful life, having appeared as a television commentator on the Montel Williams Show and on other shows.

Lisa Beth Older, Esq. now uses her wide range of experience, knowledge and wisdom in the field of mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigation. Prominent New York divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older, Esq., with nearly twenty (20) years of trial experience under her belt, has expanded her services to mediation and collaborative divorce for reasons that speak for themselves. The average middle class family often can often time not afford the costs of litigation and in law review articles throughout the State, New York Judges have been encouraging litigants to try to settle their issues output of court.

This divorce law firm, with offices based in both Kingston New York and New York City offers mediation and collaborative divorce services to parties contemplating divorce or separation. The parties will attempt to successfully settle custody, support and equitable distribution issues in a professional, relaxed and impartial environment, without having to appear in Court.

An accomplished attorney will be assigned to help both parties come to understand the issues and settle their differences without costly litigation. Collaborative divorces are another new viable alternative to litigation involving experts and counsel appearing for each party. These alternatives to a litigated divorce case where multiple court appearances are required may save the parties thousands of dollars which can best be spent for the parties’ other needs such as college for their children, or for other necessaries of life. These services are cost effective for willing participants interested in compromising their problems in a civil manner. It is especially helpful for parties that are civil toward one another and have gotten along in the past.

Mediation or collaborative divorce is not the route to take for people who are faced with domestic violence situations or those who have orders of protection against them. These alternative approaches to litigation in divorce and other litigated matters may often times save thousands of dollars for the parties, not to mention the time, the emotional anguish and the painful involvement of the children. These alternatives are especially helpful for parties that are or have been civil toward one another and have gotten along in the past. Mediation or collaborative services are not for people who are involved in domestic violence situations or those who have orders of protection lodged against them.

Leah A. Plaskin

Klinedinst PC today welcomes Leah A. Leah A. Plaskin, the newest attorney to join Klinedinst's San Diego office.

A practicing attorney since 2003, Ms. Leah A. Plaskin came to Klinedinst from a local civil litigation law firm, with an importance on public entity and insurance defense. At Klinedinst, much of her work centers on handling professional liability matters, defending attorneys, accountants, and other professionals against claims of negligence and malpractice.

"Leah is a very well-rounded attorney who can get the job done. She knows the San Diego region inside and out, and knows all too well the difficulties and pressures faced by local professionals. We welcome her to the Professional Liability team." , noted John D. Klinedinst, CEO of Klinedinst PC.

Ms. Leah A. Plaskin is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, where she received her Juris Doctor cum laude in 2003. Prior to graduation, she received the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) award for top grades in torts, judicial lawmaking, child rights and remedies, and family law. She was also a member and comment editor for the San Diego International Law Journal.

Khymberli S. Apaloo

“We were pretty pleased to declare that Khymberli S. Khymberli S Apaloo, one of Southern California’s finest family law attorneys, is our new partner at Haslam & Perri, LLP. I am very excited to have an attorney of Khymberli’s accomplishments become my partner. She has tried complicated cases against the best and most difficult attorneys in the area and won,” said Audrey A. Perri, managing partner for Haslam & Perri, LLP

Khymberli S Apaloo realized the importance of networking when she met Perri at a bridal shower in Glendora after graduating from New York University where she completed her law degree in 1996. Khymberli S Apaloo didn’t just sit and watch; when the phone rang she answered it. She jumped in with both feet and started helping attorneys and clients.

But Perri was so impressed with Khymberli S Apaloo’s hard work and dedication she conspired with Covington and Crowe partner Katrina West (now the first African American woman appointed by a California Governor judge to serve on San Bernardino County’s bench) to keep her. When Haslam and Perri decided to leave Covington and Crowe in 2003 the partners invited Khymberli S Apaloo to join them. She did, one year later she accepted a partnership with Haslam & Perri, LLP.

As fitting for a firm that specializes in “divorce” the break up with Covington and Crowe was so amicable the new firm stayed in their same offices. “That may be unheard of for a break up, but we have so much admiration and respect for the partners at Covington and Crowe we had to keep things friendly. Our separation was business decision, not a personal one,” said Perri.

What makes her such an excellent attorney? According to Khymberli S Apaloo, “I am a good listener. It makes me a good attorney. I truly listen to my clients; opposing counsel and the Judge then find the best solution for my clients. Family law is so personal and so important. We work with families in adoptions, divorce and prenuptial agreements, things that are so happy or devastating. I am blessed to able to help my clients through these stressful times,”

Though born in Los Angeles and a graduate of Upland High School class of 1988, Khymberli S Apaloo has lived in New York City; Syracuse, New York and for two years in Brazil where she learned to speak fluent Portuguese. Khymberli S Apaloo received her undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelors of Arts degree in 1992. In 1997 was admitted to the bar in California, New York, and New Jersey after passing each exam on the first try. She is a Member of the San Bernardino County and Western San Bernardino County Bar Association.

Khymberli S Apaloo is an active member of the legal profession and the community including a Panelist and Co-Author for the “Domestic Relations Law”, a California Continuing Legal Education course offered by the National Business Institute. She is a member of the Pacific Area Service Region Resource Council for the American Red Cross.

She is also Board of Directors Member and Treasurer of the Inland Counties Legal Services, which offers free legal services to low income civil litigants in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. She serves as a member of the African American Health Initiative and the African American Attorneys Association.

Karen Reynolds

Connecticut lawyer Karen Reynolds of Gans & Reynolds was elected as the incoming President at the Greater Bridgeport Bar Association’s Annual Dinner held on May 9, 2005. Reynolds is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport and Vermont Law School.

Gans and Reynolds, a firm of three women attorneys, focuses its practice in family law. The firm deals with divorces and modifications, custody issues and contempt matters in Connecticut and Florida.

Reynolds has represented law cases in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area for around 25 years. Apart from being a member of the Bridgeport Bar Association she also is a Connecticut Bar Association member. Ms. Reynolds acts as a Special Master for the Milford and Fairfield Judicial Districts and serves as an Attorney Trial Referee. Earlier, she has held the offices of Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President of the Greater Bridgeport Bar Association and Chair of their Family Law section. Reynolds received her nomination at the 125th Annual Dinner Meeting and her term will run through May of 2006.

Jim McCullaugh

Welch Integrated, Inc. and declared that Jim McCullaugh, Esq., former publisher of the American Cinematographer magazine, has joined the Board of Advisors of Student Filmmakers, a magazine to be launched by Welch Integrated, Inc. and in April 2006. is for wannebe filmmakers, and its prime goal is to pep up and back new and independent film and video makers. The online portal is a resource and creative community for students, professionals, and educators.

Jim McCullaugh was the Executive Director of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), a pre-eminent Hollywood Film Society, where he operated the entire business and was responsible for the greatest period of growth and accolades in the Society's history. At the same time, he was the publisher of the award-winning American Cinematographer magazine, as well as publisher of the ASC Press, where he headed the publication of six highly successful books, including the ASC Film Manual, which became the only book in the history of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Earlier in his professional career, Jim McCullaugh was a journalist with Billboard magazine and has penned widely about all aspects of the entertainment business over the years. At one time he was the Home Entertainment Editor at Billboard magazine. He has also been published in the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone and Playboy.

Jim McCullaugh has been a California attorney since 1992. He brings an phenomenal professional and life-experience background to practicing law. He is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, the Beverly Hills Bar Association and the Irish American Bar Association. Born in New York City, he graduated from New York University with a B.A. degree and earned a Juris Doctorate Degree (J.D.) from Southwestern University School of Law in 1991. He was admitted to the California Bar in 1992.

Jim McCullaugh's solo practice primarily focuses on Elder Law and Family Law with an emphasis on Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Power of Attorney, Probate, Trust Administration, Health Care Directives, Dissolution, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Paternity, Child Custody, Guardianships, Adoptions, Domestic Partnerships, Restraining Orders/Civil Harassment and relevant areas. Jim McCullaugh also handles general civil matters. Jim McCullaugh prides himself on compassionate, hands-on dealings with his clients and their needs.

Jim McCullaugh also devotes time to pro bono work for such organizations as the Harriet Buhai Family Law Center, the Barristers Pro Bono Domestic Violence Project, People Assisting The Homeless (P.A.T.H.), the HIV & AIDS Legal Services Alliance (HALSA), the Self-Help Legal Access Centers, the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Bet Tzedek, The Alliance for Children's Rights, The Gay & Lesbian Alliance, and others. Jim McCullaugh is also a member of the board and legal counsel to the non-profit Caritas Corporation.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Elizabeth A. Kreitzer

Klinedinst PC is happy to declare Elizabeth A. Kreitzer, Esq., Certified Family Law Specialist, has joined the firm. She will serve as Co-Chair of the Klinedinst Family Law department.

Ms. Kreitzer's practice includes all aspects of family law including divorce, custody and visitation disputes, paternity cases and adoption proceedings. She is also experienced in collaborative divorce, a process designed to create less stress on participants and reduce strain on California's family court system. Ms. Kreitzer also assists clients with premarital and postnuptial agreements.

John D. Klinedinst, CEO of Klinedinst PC says, "For the past 7 years, Elizabeth has focused her practice exclusively on complex family law matters. Her depth of knowledge and real-world experience will help the firm's clients sail through the complex family law system."

Kreitzer earned her designation as a Certified Family Law Specialist in 2002. After one year, she was appointed to the Settlement Judge Panel. She has hogged the media limelight frequently on a variety of family law topics. She is active in the local legal community, having served as Co-Chair of the Family Law Section of the San Diego County Bar Association. She is also an active member of the Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego.

In 2005, she was named by the San Diego Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS) as the Michael C. Shea Chair. The Chair is bestowed every year on a Certified Family Law Specialist who has mentored other family law attorneys, while demonstrating the highest level of ethics. The Chair is charged each year with presenting a lecture on ethics to roughly 300 local family law attorneys, continuing to mentor and teach family law attorneys.

"The strength of our existing litigation teams, combined with the experience of our new CFLS, will ensure that every client receives sophisticated, professional and compassionate representation during one of the most difficult times in their lives," added Bonnie M. Simonek, the San Diego-based shareholder who Co-Chairs the Family Law practice group. "When the stakes are high, there's no better place to turn to than Klinedinst's family law department."

Friday, March 23, 2007

Laura C.W. Holt

Attorney Laura C.W. Holt, J.D., has joined the family law practice organization of Hollingsworth Jocham & Zivitz, LLC.

Ms. Holt received her Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois, and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University. Ms. To practice family law in Indiana and Illinois, Holt is licensed.

Ms. Holt is a associate of the Hamilton County, Indianapolis and Indiana State Bar Associations and is a member of their relevant family law sections. She is also a member of the Illinois State Bar Association.

William Jennings Buchanan

Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC, is happy to declare that attorney William Jennings Buchanan has joined the firm. Mr. Buchanan’s practice involves residential, commercial and resort real estate transactions, and REO closings. Before coming to Rogers Townsend & Thomas, William Jennings Buchanan was in the charge of the Real Estate Department for The Korn Law Firm, P.A.

Before working with the Korn Law Firm, William Jennings Buchanan was a sole practitioner whose practice was centered on real estate law and wills, trusts, and probate law. He has been an adjunct professor for the Midlands Technical College Paralegal Program where he taught Property Law; Wills, Trusts, and Probate Administration; Family Law; Business Law I and Business Law II; and Civil Litigation I. William Jennings Buchanan previously presided as Associate City Judge for the City of Cayce, SC. He is a member of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Section for the American Bar Association; the South Carolina Bar Association; Richland County Bar Association; Palmetto Land Title Association; and Mortgage Bankers Association of Greater Columbia. William Jennings Buchanan is licensed for all state courts and for the United States District Court for South Carolina. Mr. Buchanan has spoken at seminars for numerous organizations, including the South Carolina Bar and the Palmetto Land Title Association.

With offices in Columbia and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the firm depicts the interests of small businesses and corporate and institutional clients throughout the country. Rogers Townsend & Thomas focuses on three distinct practice areas, which include: Real Estate, Default Services, and Litigation. The firm’s attorneys have substantial experience in the following areas: commercial, residential, and resort real estate transactions; business formation; commercial and civil litigation; construction and product liability issues; title insurance matters; creditor bankruptcy proceedings; foreclosures and evictions; labor and employment affairs; governmental relations; international transactions; lender liability; estate planning and probate; insurance defense; construction; and environmental issues.

Timothy R. Pomeroy

The business attorneys at Klinedinst PC are happy to declare that Timothy R. Pomeroy has joined the San Diego legal team.

Prior to Klinedinst, Mr. Pomeroy served in the United States Air Force as