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Saturday, March 31, 2007 Initiates Online Support Community Forum announced today that it is the first and only web site to offer men and women in Canada access to an online support community forum where they can share information, experience, problems, and solutions for divorce in Canada. It's located at Family law lawyer Jeffrey Behrendt says, “Instead of logging on to an American site and trying to ‘translate’ information from the U.S., Canadians finally have their own resource that speaks directly to their needs and concerns.”

Behrendt is founder of Behrendt Law Chambers, a divorce law firm with offices in Ottawa and Toronto. Behrendt is also responsible for brining the forums, located at into reality. Behrendt reports that the online forum at meets all the criteria generally set out for every good support group. According to experts, a good support group will provide what you’re looking for whether its information, emotional support, access to services, or simply interaction with people who are going through the same experiences.

“Our forum allows visitors to ‘customize’ their experience by posting unique questions and joining existing threads that are of interest”, says Behrendt. Forums cover such diverse topics as divorce law, parenting issues, financial issues, and support. Current individual threads include settlement conferences, when to introduce a new “friend” to your children, common law marriages, and father’s rights. Costs for participating in support groups vary widely, but as a general rule, online forums are affordable to join. “Online forums aren’t expensive for the host, so there’s no need to pass along costs to the participants”, says Behrendt, noting that in-person groups need to rent meeting space, provide refreshments, etc.

He points out that there, “Are no fees, obligations or prerequisites for becoming a member to’s forum. It’s provided as a free service.” Since getting to meetings can be a challenge, location and transportation are key considerations. “You’ll never get stuck in traffic jam getting to an online forum during rush hour”, Behrendt laughs, adding more seriously, “And you won’t pay a price at the pump for participating”. For people who may have physical challenges, Behrendt adds that there’s never a worry about having to walk a long distance or climb up flights of stairs.

For those with time challenges, an online forum is just a mouse click away any time of the day or night. Behrendt says, “If its 4 o’clock in the morning and you can’t sleep because you’re worried about your divorce, you can log on to in an instant to let your voice be heard and to get help”. Behrendt notes that the forum at is just one element of our in-depth educational web site. We provide current information regarding divorce laws, costs, timing, procedure, support guidelines and tables, custody, property division, collaborative law and more.” Behrendt says, “We can’t save someone’s marriage, but we can help save them a lot of pain and suffering during their divorce.”