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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Marriage Medics provide practical tips and solutions to everyday marital problems

Divorce is almost becoming as common an experience as marriage itself. But divorce can be avoided by everyone who is willing to keep the commitments made when rings were exchanged. Life will be far more satisfying and rewarding for those couples honoring their commitments because a divorce is often followed by a tragic mixture of anger, heartbreak, loneliness and financial loss -- even a questioning of basic spiritual ideals. And when children are involved, the tragedy is compounded. Some couples who face divorce have been able to walk away from the disaster of divorce and invigorate their marriages, building a healthier relationship than what existed before the marital crisis.

The Marriage Medics, (ISBN- 0-9760844-0-6) co-authored by Cynthia Cooper PhD and Scott Lorenz, shares the reasons why some couples fall head-first into divorce and others walk away restored and emotionally healthy. There are several complex and varied issues couples must resolve when deciding whether to divorce or rebuild a marriage. And dealing with different kinds of problems requires different kinds of expertise. The Marriage Medics collects your ideal relationship support network into a single book. Each of the five experts contributing to the book has seen hundreds of divorces from their unique professional perspective, and each knows exactly what factors can determine success or failure.

Cynthia Cooper is a clinical psychotherapist who has counseled couples and families for decades on how better to communicate and relate to each other. She possesses a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, human science research and education, a specialist degree in humanistic psychology, human science research and education, and a Master of Science degree in clinical psychology.

Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm. After witnessing several friends and family go through marital difficulties and being surrounded by experts who have counseled thousands of people, he and longtime friend Cynthia Cooper decided to co-author The Marriage Medics to help others recover their marriages.

The other four experts who contributed to Marriage Medics are:

• Daniel B. Smith is a bank executive with Republic Bank. His perspective on how money affects a marriage has been gained from decades of helping couples re-mortgage their houses to divide up assets in a divorce.
• Commander Bobbitti May, U.S. Navy chaplain, counsel’s military personnel who are separated due to longtime oversees assignments helping them with the spiritual aspects of marriage, taking an ecumenical approach to a subject that many couples struggle with.
• Dr. Patti Britton is a nationally recognized, board-certified clinical sexologist and sensuality educator and is the sexuality expert for For more than two decades she has coached thousands of women, men and on how to overcome the sexual challenges they may face.
• John Hunt, a Las Vegas attorney who specializes in family law, warns couples what they will face if they decide to divorce. Hunt gives practical advice on how to reduce the legal pain as much as possible.

The Marriage Medics comes highly recommended by reviewer Jennie S. Bev, managing editor of who says, “the book teaches couples what to expect realistically from their partners --and themselves-- and how to act, also realistically when it comes to sustaining their marriages. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend who knows the ins and outs of the married life.”


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