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Saturday, March 31, 2007, The Web Portal to Help Mothers

This is an invitation to Family Law Professionals to give their talent and expertise on a well-respected and highly-visited website for Mothers., an independent information portal launched in May 2001, is a web solution, for all types of mothers that profiles the concerns and issues of child custody, child support, parenting, and working and single mothers. It allows mothers to better identify the right decision to make in their family's future. With, users will find a list of prescreened links, message boards, polls and a robust search engine.

It also provides the opportunity for mothers to work with other mothers with similar problems in a collaborative way for moral support and problem resolution. We hope that in this forum we can bring Collaborative Messaging to another level with the help of Family Law Professionals assisting us.

UK’s foremost Internet divorce service

Divorce-Online the UK’s leading Internet divorce service has today launched a brand new divorce service to help consumers achieve their divorce with the minimum of fees and effort with the help of leading Derbyshire family law Bowen’s.

The Solicitor Managed Divorce will cost 450.00 and will enable the consumer to instruct a Solicitor to handle all aspects of the divorce from start to finish. This service compliments the range of self-help divorce services pioneered by Divorce-Online. The service is for those consumers who do not want to handle the administrative elements of their divorce, which they currently have to with our other range of packages.

The consumer pays an upfront deposit of 120.00 to Divorce-Online and is then billed at e conclusion of the case for the balance by our Solicitors. This service is half the price of instructing a Solicitor on the high street but gives the consumer a better service says Divorce-Online.

Adrian J. Moody P.C. Secures Victory for Philadelphia MOVE Victims

The Law Offices of Adrian J. Moody P.C. held a solid victory on April 11, 2005 for 24 west Philadelphia homeowners whose homes were destroyed by fire following the bombing of the anti-government group, MOVE’s headquarters, in 1985.

A federal jury awarded $12.8 million in damages in the civil suit, Cheney et al versus the City of Philadelphia, to residents after finding that the City of Philadelphia and the Mayor John Street, and other City Officials violated residents’ Civil Rights when in July 2000, Mayor Street stopped repairs on the rebuilt homes telling the residents that there homes were imminently dangerous and that they would be taken by the City of Philadelphia and damaged if the residents did not take a buyout.

In May 1985 former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Gregore Sambor ordered a package of explosives dropped on the rooftop of the MOVE headquarters in a west Philadelphia neighborhood. Officials were trying to remove the rooftop bunker the MOVE members had constructed. The ensuing fire spread across the neighborhood destroying 61 homes. Many of the homeowners who lived in the neighborhood for several decades watched their homes burn to the ground as fire officials refused to immediately extinguish the blaze.

The 24 plaintiffs are among 61 African American homeowners whose row houses on the 6200 block of Osage Avenue were leveled by the bombing, fire and gun battle that killed 11 people including a police officer on May 13, 1985. The conflict is considered one of Philadelphia’s most notorious and fatal conflicts with police.

The City had new homes built in 1987 but because of the shoddy new construction work it practically made the homes rundown. The City then decided to compensate the homeowners by offering each of them $150,000 for their houses and moving expenses. Moody’s 24 clients declined the offer because they believed their homes and quality of life worth more than the City’s offer.

The homeowners will receive more than $500,000 each from the $12.8 million award. The five women and two men jury awarded damages for the following: $3,360,000.00 million in Compensatory Damages; $6,000,000.00 for Breach of Contract and Emotional Distress; $1,550,000.00 in punitive damages; and $1,920,000.00 for Unlawful Taking. The homeowners also will get to keep their current property.

The multi-million dollar judgment is a historic win for the Firm. It is the largest verdict received to date for a client. In addition to Mr. Moody, the homeowners were represented by senior attorneys Stacy L. Shields and Robert T. Vance.

The Law Offices of Adrian J. Moody, PC. Is a full service African American owned law Firm serving general and business clients. For more than 20 years, the organization has provided business solutions in Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Class Action, Civil Rights, Sports and Entertainment, as well as Family Law. The Firm, based in Philadelphia, also represents the business community in various contract and commercial matters. Initiates Online Support Community Forum announced today that it is the first and only web site to offer men and women in Canada access to an online support community forum where they can share information, experience, problems, and solutions for divorce in Canada. It's located at Family law lawyer Jeffrey Behrendt says, “Instead of logging on to an American site and trying to ‘translate’ information from the U.S., Canadians finally have their own resource that speaks directly to their needs and concerns.”

Behrendt is founder of Behrendt Law Chambers, a divorce law firm with offices in Ottawa and Toronto. Behrendt is also responsible for brining the forums, located at into reality. Behrendt reports that the online forum at meets all the criteria generally set out for every good support group. According to experts, a good support group will provide what you’re looking for whether its information, emotional support, access to services, or simply interaction with people who are going through the same experiences.

“Our forum allows visitors to ‘customize’ their experience by posting unique questions and joining existing threads that are of interest”, says Behrendt. Forums cover such diverse topics as divorce law, parenting issues, financial issues, and support. Current individual threads include settlement conferences, when to introduce a new “friend” to your children, common law marriages, and father’s rights. Costs for participating in support groups vary widely, but as a general rule, online forums are affordable to join. “Online forums aren’t expensive for the host, so there’s no need to pass along costs to the participants”, says Behrendt, noting that in-person groups need to rent meeting space, provide refreshments, etc.

He points out that there, “Are no fees, obligations or prerequisites for becoming a member to’s forum. It’s provided as a free service.” Since getting to meetings can be a challenge, location and transportation are key considerations. “You’ll never get stuck in traffic jam getting to an online forum during rush hour”, Behrendt laughs, adding more seriously, “And you won’t pay a price at the pump for participating”. For people who may have physical challenges, Behrendt adds that there’s never a worry about having to walk a long distance or climb up flights of stairs.

For those with time challenges, an online forum is just a mouse click away any time of the day or night. Behrendt says, “If its 4 o’clock in the morning and you can’t sleep because you’re worried about your divorce, you can log on to in an instant to let your voice be heard and to get help”. Behrendt notes that the forum at is just one element of our in-depth educational web site. We provide current information regarding divorce laws, costs, timing, procedure, support guidelines and tables, custody, property division, collaborative law and more.” Behrendt says, “We can’t save someone’s marriage, but we can help save them a lot of pain and suffering during their divorce.”

Friday, March 30, 2007 Initiates Online Support Community Forum announced today that it is the first and only web site to offer men and women in Canada access to an online support community forum where they can share information, experience, problems, and solutions for divorce in Canada. It's located at Family law lawyer Jeffrey Behrendt says, “Instead of logging on to an American site and trying to ‘translate’ information from the U.S., Canadians finally have their own resource that speaks directly to their needs and concerns.”

Behrendt is founder of Behrendt Law Chambers, a divorce law firm with offices in Ottawa and Toronto. Behrendt is also responsible for brining the forums, located at into reality. Behrendt reports that the online forum at meets all the criteria generally set out for every good support group. According to experts, a good support group will provide what you’re looking for whether its information, emotional support, access to services, or simply interaction with people who are going through the same experiences.

“Our forum allows visitors to ‘customize’ their experience by posting unique questions and joining existing threads that are of interest”, says Behrendt. Forums cover such diverse topics as divorce law, parenting issues, financial issues, and support. Current individual threads include settlement conferences, when to introduce a new “friend” to your children, common law marriages, and father’s rights. Costs for participating in support groups vary widely, but as a general rule, online forums are affordable to join. “Online forums aren’t expensive for the host, so there’s no need to pass along costs to the participants”, says Behrendt, noting that in-person groups need to rent meeting space, provide refreshments, etc.

He points out that there, “Are no fees, obligations or prerequisites for becoming a member to’s forum. It’s provided as a free service.” Since getting to meetings can be a challenge, location and transportation are key considerations. “You’ll never get stuck in traffic jam getting to an online forum during rush hour”, Behrendt laughs, adding more seriously, “And you won’t pay a price at the pump for participating”. For people who may have physical challenges, Behrendt adds that there’s never a worry about having to walk a long distance or climb up flights of stairs.

For those with time challenges, an online forum is just a mouse click away any time of the day or night. Behrendt says, “If its 4 o’clock in the morning and you can’t sleep because you’re worried about your divorce, you can log on to in an instant to let your voice be heard and to get help”. Behrendt notes that the forum at is just one element of our in-depth educational web site. We provide current information regarding divorce laws, costs, timing, procedure, support guidelines and tables, custody, property division, collaborative law and more.” Behrendt says, “We can’t save someone’s marriage, but we can help save them a lot of pain and suffering during their divorce.”

The Future of Legal Services

There is a new concept in the legal industry called unbundled services. It is largely unknown by lawyers. But it has appeared in the attorney-ethical rules of many states. Most consumers have never heard of it. Most lawyers still have no idea of what it means. But the influence of this concept may change the future of legal services.

To understand the concept of unbundled services, one must have an understanding of the traditional ways attorneys handle representation. For most of history an attorney began representation at the beginning of a case. Representation didn’t end until the end of the case. People requiring legal services had two choices: either pay an attorney a fee for the entire case, or go it alone. There was no in-between. It was almost unthinkable for an attorney to provide help filling out one form or attending one hearing. It was all or nothing. There was nothing wrong with this system for those with the considerable assets needed to pay an attorney. But people that did not have much money were out of luck.

Many local state bar associations recognized this problem. The issue was freshly studied by the American Bar Association. A new concept was borne out of these studies – unbundled services. The vital premise was that some legal advice was better than no legal advice. Unbundled services recognized the reality of many consumers – that attorney fees exceeded the financial capability of many. Unbundled services solved this problem. This concept makes it suitable for an attorney to represent a client for one small part of their case – without violating ethical rules. Many states have started to adopt rules recognizing the existence of unbundled services.

The most promising application is for family law services such as divorce, child custody, support, and property distribution. The reason: more people attempt to handle their own family law cases than any other area of law. And the courts are increasing frustrated and bogged down with self-represented divorce parties. The need for flexibility and creativity in legal service is the most evident in family law cases.

Unluckily, attorneys have been slow to offer unbundled services. They are either not aware of this new trend or have refused to change their service offerings. The result: over three quarters of family law cases involve people that have not hired an attorney. There are strong advantages for attorneys that offer unbundled services: a larger potential customer base, less collection problems, and the satisfaction of helping lower income clients.

If you cannot afford an attorney, consider searching for an attorney that will offer different services on an “a la cart” basis. This can comprise preparing the initial divorce documents, attending one hearing, or participating in mediation. Do it yourselfers can also enlist the help of an attorney to prep for their final hearing. The era of unbundled services has arrived and will ultimately authorize the consumer and increase access to the court system.

Heather L. Rosing is the President-Elect of the San Diego County Bar Association

Klinedinst PC ( is pleased to announce that Heather L. Rosing, a shareholder in the firm's San Diego office, has been selected by her peers to be President-Elect of the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA).

With over 10,000 members, the San Diego County Bar Association is the region's oldest and leading law-related organization. Rosing has been an active member of the SDCBA since 1996. A recurrent speaker on complex morals issues, Heather has served as Co-Chair of the SDCBA's Legal Ethics Committee. In 2003, she was elected by the general membership to join the Board of Directors. Rosing's work with the Association, her keenness, and her commitment to the legal profession led the Board of Directors to pick her as their newest President-Elect.

John D. Klinedinst, CEO of Klinedinst PC said, "The roster of SDCBA past presidents reads like a 'Who's Who' of the legal community," "Heather will be joining a very prestigious list of attorneys and judges that have held that honor. And when she is sworn in as President late next year, she will be one of the youngest attorneys to ever lead the SDCBA."

Ms. Rosing went to work at Klinedinst PC after graduating from Northwestern University School of Law. For most of her career, Heather has been protecting attorneys, accountants, and other professionals in malpractice actions, and providing ethics and risk management guidance to them. Over the years, she has ascended to various leadership positions within the firm. She presently serves as General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer for the firm, and is the Chair of the Klinedinst Professional Liability practice group.

Klinedinst added, "What sets Klinedinst apart is our commitment to helping individuals achieve their own goals,” "While we know her new role will require a major time commitment, Heather unequivocally has the full support and backing of the entire law firm. On both a professional and personal level, I could not be prouder of her accomplishment.”

The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights offers Free Analysis

The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights will do a free analysis of non-custodial parents’ rights.

Parents should take the time to fill out our new on-line form and the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights will give them some tips on super-charging their cases; absolutely free.

Most parents end up frustrated and consider not paying child support because they don't know their rights and do not know how to defend themselves. The cost of legal fees today is very high; thus, many parents are excluded from exercising a "cost-effective" way of defending themselves.

The National Brotherhood Of Fathers Rights publishes 8 "how to" manuals that help parents reunite with their kids and reduce control child support to fair and manageable levels.

The Pro-Family Law Center Expresses Relief at the Resignation of Justice O'Connor

The Pro-Family Law Center is "specifically a deep but perhaps temporary sense of relief" in its assessment of the resignation of Justice O'Connor.

Richard D. Ackerman, PFLC's president and chief litigator says, "Unfortunately O'Connor was a swing vote on many cases that could have made the difference between life and death for millions of unborn children. Instead of weighing in on the side of life, she chose a course of judicial conduct that assured the imminent death of all these babies." Ackerman is referring to what is known as the Carhart decision, in which O'Connor described the gruesome nature of partial birth abortion during the oral arguments, but went on to decide in favor of this method of prenatal death anyway.

More recently, Ackerman has expressed deep concern over O'Connor's decision to look to foreign sources of law in deciding vital issues relating to the natural family and the sovereignty of the United States. Ackerman says, "As Americans, one would think that we would have the right to rely on the United States Constitution as the sole source of all ultimate jurisprudence in our society. O'Connor, much like the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals apparently does not feel the same way. We need another strict constructionist on the bench or we may eventually see a civil war in the illegal immigration arena and the deaths of many adult persons simply because they don't meet some arbitrary standard of life set forth by the European Union or some other liberal bastion of human secularism."

Finally, PFLC, "Hopes that President Bush will be most circumspect in his choosing of our next Supreme Court justice. The US cannot afford to lose its sovereignty in a time where terrorists would like to see exactly this, we cannot continue to bathe this nation in the blood of innocent human lives because of a swing vote, and we certainly deserve the assurance that our Constitution remains the exclusive guiding light, aside from God Himself, when it comes to determining our rights. As it is right now, the person with the swing vote on the Supreme Court becomes, ultimately, a dictator with a fiat even over the Congress and President. We know that Reagan never intended this when he appointed O'Connor to the bench. I would not want to see Bush go to his grave with the horrible reservations that Reagan might likely have had over his appointment of a justice who violated all that was near and dear to the President's heart and the soul of the American public."

PFLC's attorneys are available for comment and analysis on the various issues that are likely to come before the United States Supreme Court in the next several decades.

Nirenstein, Ruotolo & González, P.L.C., is Proud to Declare the Introduction of Our New Website -

Nirenstein, Ruotolo & González, P.L.C. (“NRG”), one of Arizona's most respected and well-known divorce, domestic relations and family law practices, is proud to announce the introduction of our new website -- "". Our site was designed to be current, informative and above all, user friendly.

NRG offers legal counsel all through the family lifecycle. In addition to our primary practice area of divorce and family law litigation, we now provide divorce and family law mediation services, representation of clients in mental health and elder law related-matters (including confidential fiduciary representation), and a family law appellate practice department.

At NRG, we excel at the practice of divorce and family law, and expect our clients to insist high quality legal counsel and representation at reasonable rates. We achieve results, whether it is implemented through negotiation, mediation, motion practice, pretrial proceedings, trial or appellate review -- NRG provides the best possible representation to its clients when it comes to Arizona divorce, domestic relations and family law advice and counsel.

eJustice Group Redesigned Divorce Lawyer Website

eJustice Group has declared the re-launch of its Divorce Lawyer Source Website, featuring new resources for consumers.

Apart from the a complete redesign of the site, Divorce Lawyer Source features a zip code search to help enable consumers to locate a divorce or family law attorney with greater ease. By simply typing in a United States zip code, consumers are able to get in touch with an experienced divorce lawyer in their area. Because divorce laws vary from state to state, and laws change within those states, it can be difficult to determine what laws affect splitting couples.

Divorce Lawyer Source was formed as a tool for consumers to find comprehensive information about divorce laws, including child custody, alimony, division of assets and other topics. Consumers are also able to access regularly updated breaking news stories about divorce law and find information about available resources for individuals and families going through and coping with a divorce.

eJustice Group has become a monarch in the legal marketing industry by connecting consumers with the nation’s premier attorneys. The company’s Websites allow consumers a reliable source of information.

Parents' Influence - A Growing Factor in Marriage Break-Ups

Stress from a couple's parents is increasingly contributing to marriage break-ups, according to a leading divorce lawyer.

Martin Loxley, head of the Family team with national solicitors Irwin Mitchell, said parental influence was now a reason given by nearly 20 per cent of divorcing couples the practice helps.

This places the influence second only to affairs as a causal factor to divorce and contrasts with the parental pressure being cited in only 5% of cases a year ago.

Mr Loxley said, "We're finding more and more that involvement of parents helps push already vulnerable relationships over the edge. Parents tend to be at their most influential in the run up to and immediately after the decision is made to separate."

According to Mr Loxley, family strain, as the factor is known, is a exacting feature with relatives of wives and affects couples mainly in their mid-thirties and early forties, where children are typically involved and there are, often grandchildren.

Mr Loxley said, "In the majority of these cases I get involved with, it's the parents of the wife who have become involved in the relationship or acted as a catalyst for separation."

He said patterns of family life had changed in recent years and people now tended to live at home longer before co-habiting. There were therefore closer child-parent bonds than before, which could be very hard to break.

He said, "Parental influence can have a lasting impact on marriages even if it's exercised before a couple walk down the aisle. I've handled a number of cases where mothers and fathers, especially those with family businesses, have insisted on pre-nuptial agreements being signed before consenting to weddings, specifying what will happen if the couple split.

Mr Loxley quoted the wealth of parents, especially the newly-retired, as a common reason for them stepping-in after couples had taken vows, as this often allowed them to 'buy' solutions to problems.

He said, "As it can be more difficult to get and keep a foot on the property ladder now than in previous eras, many young people are financially dependent on parents for years after they fly the nest. This factor is sometimes used by mums and dads to try and influence how their adult children behave. There's a lot more willingness on their part to support couples through divorce, even to the extent in some cases of buying homes for their children or giving money to their spouses to ensure marriages come to quick and satisfactory conclusions. In many instances, the main motivation is the welfare of grandchildren involved in separations.”

Rosen Presents Online Child Support Calculator

Statistical data specifies that 50% of first time marriages will end in divorce. And, more often than not, the end of a marriage involves child custody and child support issues. So Rosen Divorce, located in Raleigh, NC, recognized a need for families to have the ability to quickly and easily determine child support and developed an online Child Support Calculator.

The Child Support Calculator contains formulas that allow parents or attorneys in North Carolina to input the significant information, including monthly income and the amount of time the children spend with each parent, to determine each parent’s child support obligation. The user can fill in the information and the child support calculator will determine obligations for both parties.

Lee Rosen, a Board Certified Family Law Specialist stated, “We have found that parents really want what is best for their children and the calculators have allowed them to quickly determine their [financial] obligations.” Using the guidelines established by the Conference of Chief District Court Judges, Rosen Divorce developed the child support calculator software to facilitate child support calculations. Rosen said, “We created this software and put it on our website so that anyone can access this information,” “Because the calculator is so easy to use, the response has been overwhelmingly favorable.”

Rosen noted that because his firm’s practice is focused exclusively on divorce law, they can address the many complex aspects of divorce and separation such as child custody, alimony and property distribution and keep up with emerging trends such as the new Collaborative Divorce option.

Rosen said, “We understand that divorce is more than reaching a settlement –it’s a delicate procedure involving people and our job is to provide support,” “Divorce is an unsettling time for families and the Child Support Calculator give parents a sense of control over their finances and determining how to best meet the needs of their children.” Rosen said that he and his staff encourage everyone to view their website for information on all aspects of divorce, and to use the Child Support Calculator. “Some companies charge $45 to do the same calculation we do for free”, he said. “There’s no “cookie cutter” approach to divorce law, but if we can facilitate the process and help families, then we’ve done our job well.”

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - an online resource for family law cases

Joseph E. Cordell, a famous father rights advocate on family law issues, has published the second modified edition of his book Civil War - A Father’s Guide to Winning Child Custody, a hardheaded and pragmatic instruction manual for men seeking to win custody of their children during divorce litigation.

The book, released through Publications, gives readers clear, easy-to-understand instructions on how to achieve the best results possible. Cordell says “Winning custody is never a sure thing,” “but having some of the tools which this book provides can certainly give fathers a fighting chance.”

The book explains every step of the divorce process, with special attention to the custody battle. Readers will learn the meaning of legal terms, the process of divorce, how courts determine custody, and how to maximize their chances of victory.

The title of the book comes from Cordell’s conviction that custody litigation is governed by “specific rules of engagement,” much like the battles of the American Civil War. As Cordell notes in the first chapter, “these battles are fought by persons between whom there had once been love and trust.” Parallel to events leading up to the war between the North and the South in 19th century America, both parties in a divorce often tried to save their marriage by cutting deals and compromising. “However, the chasm of differences proved too wide to bridge,” Cordell concludes, “and the result was civil war.”

The author, Joseph E. Cordell is a Principal Partner of Cordell & Cordell, an expanding family law firm with offices in five states, and devoted specifically to representing men in domestic litigation cases. Cordell is a former host of the popular radio program, Listener’s Legal Line, and a former chairman of the Family Law section of the National Lawyers Association. He is certified to practice in Missouri and Illinois. He is also the founder of, an online resource for fathers facing divorce and child custody litigation.

Established in 1990, Cordell & Cordell, P.C. has over 20 attorneys practicing exclusively in the area of domestic litigation. With seven offices located in five states, Cordell & Cordell is one of the largest firms in the United States focusing on the rights of men in family law cases.

Leading law firm Announces Upcoming Seminar on IT Outsourcing

A leading law firm in London and the Thames Valley declares an upcoming seminar based on the issue of IT Outsourcing. This law firm seminar is for users and suppliers of IT outsourcing services as well as anyone considering outsourcing some or all of their IT functions. The aim of the seminar is to bring companies up to speed with issues they should consider when entering into and managing IT outsourcing contracts.

Since businesses in every sector become increasingly dependent on outside service providers, Manches will emphasize the major issues in IT outsourcing. Outside IT service providers often deliver services that were previously undertaken in-house. One of the aims of outsourcing IT services is to buy in the sort of technology, expertise and human resource that would otherwise not be available to a business.

It is very important that the roles and responsibilities of the customer and supplier are clear when entering into an IT outsourcing agreement, and that the contract gives the customer adequate influence to obtain the right level of service. Conversely, suppliers need to avoid taking on the sort of liability that is effectively underwriting the customer's business. Throughout its seminar and services Manches aim to give practical advice on how to get the outsourcing contract a company needs and how to avoid the ‘elephant traps’ when making or breaking outsourcing contracts.

The topics of Manches seminar on IT Outsourcing includes handling transition in IT Outsourcing -- focusing on the issue of not getting into outsourcing relationships before you know how to get out of them; TUPE and the consequence of the new amendments to the Transfer of Undertakings; Successful management of outsourcing contracts -- and specifically, how to set up and maintain suitable service levels; and finally tackling the issue of whether the contract is a hindrance or help if things start to go wrong. The speakers at the seminar will be: Christine Reid, William Downing and Piers Clayden.

Manches LLP is an innovative and responsive law firm with offices in London and the Thames Valley. Manches spotlights on a range of specialist legal sectors, including: Property, Construction, Technology Media & Intellectual Property, Family Law, Retailing, Publishing, Brand and IP Management and Life Sciences. Manches has been active in the London market since it was established in 1937. With offices in the Aldwych, Manches is in the heart of the legal community facing the challenges of a dynamic and competitive environment.

Manches Oxford office offers the full range of commercial legal services with a particular stress on the life sciences, publishing and IT sectors. Key practice areas cover corporate finance, intellectual property, commercial litigation, employment and commercial property. Manches acts for a wide range of businesses from start-ups to leading listed companies as well as elevated profile individuals.

A Wake-Up Call On Family Law Reform

About two and a half years ago, Prime Minister John Howard was considered by many as the patron saint in waiting for long suffering non-custodial fathers and children of separated families, having promised Australia 'genuine' change to the universally condemned "one size fits all" Family Law system.

But all the promise and all the hopes have since vanished with the realization that the proposed Family Law Amendment Bill (to be debated in the Senate this week), a Bill that had been sold to fathers as the law that would finally make Shared Residence the 'norm' in Australia, was simply re-packaged legislation that has an international track record of failing fathers, failing children, and failing separated families.(1)

In spite of taking control of both houses of parliament at the last election in no small part due to the unique levels of support from traditional blue-collar, Labor voting fathers, fathers have continued to rally behind Howard despite controversial anti-family workplace policies, because Howard was perceived as the only political leader who showed any interest in righting the wrongs in family law. . .

On Friday, 24th March, 2006, Steve Fielding, Senator for Family First, specified that he would table a desperately needed amendment to the current Family Law Bill to include a 'presumption of equal parenting time', as a starting point for child custody arrangements.(2)

With the government controlling both houses of parliament, an Australian public overwhelmingly in support of Equal Parenting Time after separation, (3) and a majority of Senators and MPs confirming that given the option, they would vote for an amendment to the Family Law Amendment Bill for a "presumption of equal parenting time", (4) fathers are now openly stating that if the Family First amendment fails in the Senate, they will be holding one man personally responsible for it. The Prime Minister!

With fresh disciplinary workplace reforms starting this week placing further pressure on fathers in particular to work longer hours and spend less time with their families, and with the passing of an flawed insufficient Family Law Bill that would continue to allow the Family Court to punish fathers who work longer hours by robbing them of their children, the Prime Minister's legacy will not be one of a patron saint for families, but that of a home-wrecker!

And at the next federal election, fathers will finally have a legitimate option at the ballot. The Prime Minister will no longer be able to take father's votes for granted. Whether it succeeds or fails, the Family First amendment to the Family Law Bill will have a resounding impact, and not simply on the families going through separation, but in the minds of every parent and grand-parent come election time.

If hundreds of phone-calls and over 170,000 emails from desperate fathers, mothers and grandparents is not enough to convince the Howard government to support the Family First amendment for a presumption of equal parenting time as a starting point (not necessarily an outcome) to child custody arrangements, not only will children lose an chance to be raised and nurtured by both a mother and a father, but the Coalition government in Australia will also lose one of its strongest support bases - fathers.

Arizona Family Law Firm practicing divorce and family law

Nirenstein, Ruotolo & Gonzàlez, P.L. C., one of Arizona’s most esteemed family law firms, expands its growing practice with the addition of a new location on the Chandler/Tempe border.

Located at One Agave Plaza, the newest offices of NRG will permit the firm to better serve clients in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa and Pinal County.

Managing Member Alexander D. Nirenstein said “We are thrilled to extend our practice to the East Valley,” “With the explosion of growth in this area, the needs of the community are changing. Our expansion allows us the opportunity to meet needs that are not currently being addressed.”

“We will continue to take all steps necessary to ensure that the communities in which we are located are provided with the best possible family law representation available,” said Nirenstein. “Expect big things from us.”

Established in 2003 by three accomplished family law attorneys, NRG is a boutique family law firm that provides professional representation in Arizona divorce and family law litigation, mediation, appellate review and mental health and elder law services. NRG boasts nine experienced family law attorneys, two litigation analysts, three paralegals, and three support personnel. The firm represents many diverse clients, both in Arizona and nationally, and is the most-respected law firm in Arizona practicing divorce and family law exclusively.

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Divorced

What could be more important when getting divorced than to reduce as much as possible the emotional pain, expense and damage to your self-esteem and to your children?

How to Do Your Own Divorce in California by Ed Sherman, award-winning author, family law attorney, and founder of Nolo Press, shows you how to do just that in an easy-to-understand format that provides a complete kit for an uncontested divorce. Written in plain English with explanations of procedures, practical advice and step-by-step instructions, this book has helped Californians save billions of dollars in legal fees since the first edition was published more than 30 years ago. The new 28th edition for 2005 reveals the answers to the following five questions you must ask if you want your divorce to go as smoothly and easily as possible.

1. Can you do your own divorce? Yes, you can. Since How to Do Your Own Divorce in California was first published, millions of Californians just like you have done their own divorces without preserving lawyers, so you can almost certainly do it too.

2. Should you do your own divorce? Yes, you should do your own divorce. Most people would be better off if they didn’t retain an attorney unless they have a very clear reason for doing so. The legal process—and the way attorneys are trained to work in it—tends to cause trouble, raise the level of conflict, and greatly increase your expense.

3. What does it mean to do your own divorce? Doing your own divorce is much more than just filling out forms and getting your spouse to sign an agreement. It is about thinking things out, solving problems, and making sound decisions, in depth and detail. Given the nature of divorce, it is understandable that you may be reluctant to talk things over with your partner, but this is something you must do if you don’t want to become a sufferer of divorce.

4. What does it mean to retain an attorney? You are literally handing over your own power and authority to act. The attorney takes professional responsibility to act on your behalf, and standards of professional conduct require any attorney who represents you, even one with a good attitude, to act in ways that will complicate your case and make it inferior instead of better.

5. What are the advantages of doing your own divorce? Studies show that active participation in your divorce is the single most important factor in getting a good divorce, including better compliance with agreements and orders after divorce, less post-divorce conflict and litigation, more good will, and better co-parenting. Also, it is much cheaper. When attorneys take your case, the cost can easily be from $30,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the divorce. If you work together and do it yourself, your total costs will be less than $500 each.

Happily Married Couples Live Longer than Their Unhappy Counterparts

A healthy marriage is important to your emotional well-being but also will likely be a reason why you are going to live a long life.

Recent studies make it clear that finding the right mate will not only boost your mental health but will help men and women live longer.

For two decades Ohio State University has been studying 90 couples from the time they were newlyweds to learn about how personal relationships affect health. Specifically, the study has focused on how stress impacts the body’s immune system.

The main finding is that a positive marriage relationship results in lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The lower the level of cortisol the faster body begins healing. The study has found happily married older couples face less risk of infectious diseases.

Couples living in an unhappy marriage produced higher levels of cortisol and experienced poor health. While men benefit more form a happy marriage an unhappy marriage will take a deeper toll on women.

A linked conclusion is that because people can choose to be happily married every married person also can choose whether to be healthy or sick by successfully dealing with marital issues or ignoring them and letting them fester. Advice on how to build a happy marriage, and avoid the stress of a sick relationship, is given by five experts in the recently published book, The Marriage Medics.

The Marriage Medics by Cynthia Cooper Ph.D. shares the reasons why some couples fall head-first into divorce and others walk away restored and emotionally healthy. Couples who save their relationships seem to do so by using a network of support.

The Marriage Medics collects your ideal relationship support network into a single book. Each of the five experts contributing to the book has seen hundreds of divorces from their unique professional perspective, and each knows exactly what factors can determine success or failure.

Sarisohn Law Partners LLP provides service to the various legal wants

Floyd Sarisohn is a founding associate of the firm. In 1957, he established Sarisohn Law Partners LLP in Commack, New York to service the various legal wants of the community. During the 1960s and 1970s, he became highly energetic in local politics and was elected in 1963 as one of the first of six District Court Judges in Suffolk County. Beginning in 1972, Mr. Sarisohn served for three years as Special Counsel to the New York State Assembly, writing legislation. He has also served as Law Chair for the Suffolk County Democratic Committee and as Democratic Chair for the town of Smithtown. Mr. Sarisohn is admitted to practice law in the United States Supreme Court and Southern District Federal Courts. He is a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association and Suffolk Criminal Bar Association. Mr. Sarisohn was an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association, is accepted by Who’s Who in American Law as well as by Men and Women of Distinction, International Who’s Who of Intellectuals, and Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans. He has served as Vice President of the Suffolk County Boy Scouts and was a Scout Leader for many years.

Erin Leigh Dayton received her Juris Doctor from Touro College in May of 2004 and was admitted to practice in New York State in February of 2005. Ms. Dayton has experience as an intern with the Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County, The United States Attorney’s Office, and Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and with the Honorable Marquette Floyd, Supreme Court, and Central Islip.

Sarisohn Law Partners LLP practices in the areas of Accidents, Adoptions, Bankruptcy, Business And Corporate Law, Criminal, Divorce, DWI/Traffic, Elder Law, Estates And Trusts, Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Wills and Workers’ Comp.

Forum on Divorce, Shared Parenting, and Domestic Violence

Conversation on Sustainable Community, a nonpartisan public interest Think-tank, in cooperation with DePaul University, discusses public policy issues related to divorce, shared parenting, domestic violence, and the societal impact on communities.

Participating in the conversation will be several subject matter experts, including Dr. Kirk Harris, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Family Support America, Diane Redleaf, Family Law attorney and Founder of the Family Defense Center, Michael McCormick, Executive Director of American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Dean Tong, nationally recognized Forensic Consultant and expert on false abuse allegations; Margaret Stapleton, Senior Attorney, Sargent Shriver National Poverty Law Center, and others.

Theme of discussion includes contested divorce, child custody, visitation, parental alienation, domestic violence, the Violence Against Women Act, current legislative initiatives, and shared parental responsibility to reduce conflict.

Moderating the discussion will be Dr. Mark Rogers, a clinical psychotherapist and child custody expert who is also an instructor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Rogers is also known for his involvement in the Elian Gonzales case.

Invited guests includes: Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, Maggie Daley, After School Matters; Congressman Danny K. Davis, ACLU of Illinois, Voices for Illinois Children, Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Chicago Urban League, Chicago Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Shattered Men, Inc., Senator Richard Durbin, Senator Barack Obama, local media, state lawmakers, and others. is a newly formed, non-partisan public interest Think-tank established to investigate and promotes human and social capital initiatives that strengthen communities. Our spotlight is to create a uniquely diverse, hybrid organization: part world-class Think-tank, and part energetic public interest group.

Our aim is to work on both a regional and national level to help expand understanding and awareness, and to respond pr-actively to the evolving challenges of community-building in the context of social innovation and "people-power." We stress the need to create wider social and economic value through consultancy, collaboration, research, advocacy, and outreach.

Parents Who Aren’t Around Enough

"What kind of mother leaves her children?" the typical reaction faced by non-resident mothers when their story is told. For this reason their stories are seldom told but are kept as a shameful secret. Non-resident mothers often live in fear of their secret being revealed because even in a society where the breakdown of the nuclear family is now common and other types of family arrangement are more acceptable, the 'absent mother' remains a strong social taboo.

Over recent years the plight of non-resident fathers has moved to the forefront of public consciousness, mainly due to the high profile activities of the 'fathers4justice' campaign. These groups have highlighted errors in family law and the legal process that allow resident parents to break agreements and to abuse the rights of the non-resident parent with relative impunity. In the worst cases this can take the form of 'parental alienation syndrome', where the resident parent purposely encourages non-contact and the breakdown of the relationship between the non-resident parent and the child.

Non-resident mothers experience all of the same troubles as fathers but additionally they are subjected to ruthless judgmental responses from others who often assume that they must be unfit or supremely selfish. Julie (surname withheld), has experienced many of these reactions first hand.
"I have worked hard to believe myself when I say inwardly, 'I had no choice', or, 'I did what I thought was best for the children at the time'. The reason that people's comments hurt so much is that they are so easy for me to believe. Sometimes I hate myself and think that I deserve to feel this way"
Julie has lived separately from her children since her divorce three years ago. She is still locked in a legal battle with her ex-husband who she says treats her as if she has no rights at all.

Maja Benkova, the woman behind the new forum, says Julies experience is very identical to her own, "It is because of these experiences, the feelings that they generate and the lack of someone to talk to who truly understands, that I have decided to set-up the website forum". I know that following marital breakdown, in approximately 8% of cases, the father remains as the resident parent. It stands to reason that there must be other women in the same situation as me, who would benefit from support and from knowing that they are not alone. I hope they can find us and help us to develop a safe online community where we can share our stories and give each other practical and emotional support.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 – A Unique Source of Online Legal Documents

A new study by Heather Mahar of the Harvard Law School studied the misapprehension that a prenup increases the likelihood of divorce, and concluded that a solid prenuptial agreement is likely to improve the chances of a successful marriage.

Among 50% of marriages ending in divorce, a good prenuptial agreement can improve the chance of a successful marriage. A prenup should not only defend the assets, it should defend the marriage.

Mahar argues that the division of assets is "the least compelling reason for average American couples to consider prenuptial agreements, since most couples do not enter marriages with significant assets." However, she finds that "for couples who choose a traditional partnership, with one spouse exiting the workforce to raise children, agreeing in advance about how to divide assets earned during a marriage or potential future earnings can protect the stay-at-home spouse against divorce laws, which have generally eliminated long-term alimony."

The procedure of creating a prenup acts as form of premarital counseling, making couples talk about what kind of marriage they want, and what legal consequences there will be if one spouse veers off course. Mahar recommends mandatory prenuptial agreements, and using's online prenup as a couple can make the process easier. is the most sophisticated provider of online legal documents. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have appreciated efforts to make complex legal documents easy to generate with a simple step by step process. Thorough legal review processes ensure all documents are current and accurate. offerings cover all facets of the legal industry, ranging from Real Estate, Business and Human Resources, to Estate, Divorce, and Family Law.

Lorman Education Services Presents a Zoning And Land Use seminar

"Zoning And Land Use" seminar will cover almost all aspects of land use planning that you might encounter in Georgia. There will be an emphasis on legal challenges and how to deal with them and avoid them, as well as suggestions as to how to deal with the different tribunals who hear zoning cases.

G. Douglas Dillard is an attorney with Dillard & Galloway, LLC. Mr. Dillard’s practice areas include zoning, planning and land use, local government law, land use litigation, zoning law, zoning variances and eminent domain. He has lectured on topics of zoning and land use law, and has authored numerous papers on these topics.

Andrea Cantrell Jones is an attorney with Dillard & Galloway, LLC. Her practice areas include local government law, land use litigation, eminent domain, commercial litigation and family law. Ms. Jones is a member of the Atlanta Bar Association, the State Bar of Georgia, and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers, and she is a guardian ad litem.

Laurel A. David is an associate with Dillard & Galloway, LLC. Ms. David’s practice areas include zoning law land use. She was admitted in Georgia in 2003.

James Blount Griffin is an associate at the Law Offices of Wm. Thomas Craig, concentrating his practice on zoning appeals, county codes, landfill permits, §1983 actions and other disputes. Mr. Griffin earned a B.A. degree from Gordon College, an M.A. degree from the University of Alabama and a J.D. degree from Vanderbilt University Law School

Daniel C. Haygood is a partner at Haygood & Pruett, LLP. He is engaged in local government representation, residential and commercial real estate, probate, estate, and trust planning and administration and corporate and contract representation. Mr. Haygood earned a B.S.B.A. degree, with honors, from Auburn University and a J.D. degree from the University Of Georgia School Of Law.

Michael C. Pruett is a partner at Haygood & Pruett, LLP. He is engaged in local government representation, probate, estate, and trust planning and administration and corporate and contract representation. Mr. Pruett earned a B.B.A. degree, magna cum laude, and a J.D. degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Georgia

Edward D. Tolley is a partner at Cook, Noell, Tolley, Bates & Michael, and LLP. He earned B.B.A., M.B.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Georgia. Mr. Tolley is a member of the board of governors for the State Bar of Georgia and the American College of Trial Lawyers; a distinguished fellow for the Georgia Bar Foundation; president of the Western Circuit Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association, Middle District of Georgia; and a fellow of the Lawyers Foundation of Georgia and the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Jonathan Weintraub, P.C. is a sole practitioner in Decatur, Georgia. For nearly eight years, he was the county attorney for DeKalb County, Georgia. Prior to his DeKalb experience, Mr. Weintraub was the county attorney for Gwinnett County, Georgia, during the period when it was the fastest growing county in the United States.

Legal rights of unborn children

NYC lawyer Lisa Beth Older, Esq., MSNBC News legal analyst, turned up on MSNBC News Saturday and Sunday, raising novel concerns regarding Anna Nicole Smith and the legal rights of unborn children that go to the heart of what is on everyone's mind. Is Larry Birkhead the father of Danni lyn? Is Howard K. Stern the father of Danni Lyn? Is O.J. SImpson the father? Is paternity the same as custody? New York City divorce lawyer and NYC divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older offers her analysis.

Upon the demise of Anna Nicole Smith, and with the custody, paternity and child support parentage issues of Dannielynn Smith in balance, New York City MSNBC and ABC News Lisa Beth Older, Esq. addressed serious lacunae in State laws which leave the question of the rights of unborn children to the potential unpredictability of other foreign countries. This breaking news angle on Anna Nicole Smith and the right of unborn children and viable fetuses has the world pondering the fate of Dannielynn and the human rights of all unborn children. Custody, paternity and DNA testing needs to be addressed in these cases as well as in the case of Anna Nicole Smith.

Foreseeing the problem of parental kidnapping of children and forum shopping for custody, child support and other family law benefits, as in the case of Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, and Dannilynn Hope Smith, as to paternity and DNA testing results, most States have already adopted UIFSA, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, and the UCCJEA, the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, and both sets of laws provide State courts with the power to determine paternity and custody where there is more than one state involved, such as where one parent kidnaps or brings a child across state lines..

Lisa Beth Older argues that Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole Smith, and even Larry Behead and others like them under the prevailing law, may be pepped up to leave the United States in order to legally circumvent United States law governing paternity and Custody, laws which justly give preference to the biological father under the US Supreme Court decision of Stanley v. Illinois. If a child like Dannielynn is conceived in the US by Larry Birkhead but brought to the Bahamas, then it is up to the biological father to rebut the presumption of legal parentage by requesting discretionary blood testing.

In the Bahamas, NY family law lawyer Lisa Beth Older says, the law presumes that legal parentage and custody and paternity, is in the man who cohabits with the pregnant mother for a significant time and enters into a voidable marriage. This is to the detriment of the biological father and to his unborn fetus. The laws governing New York Family Courts act differently than foreign sovereigns. If the Bahamas does not order blood testing on Anna Nicole Smith's the unborn child the child may never know her biological parent

Marital Agreements

With five out of then of all marriages now culminating in divorce, more and more couples, and especially those who are planning to marry for the second time, are working together to establish Marital Agreements before their wedding. Family law attorney, Christine Nierenz with The Harris Law Firm in Denver, CO has a thriving practice that focuses on marital agreements, also called prenuptial agreements, for second marriages. Nierenz says, "As divorce rates have increased I have seen a dramatic change in the number of requests I get for marital agreements. The requests tend to come from those getting married for a second time."

Ms. Nierenz says that her experience as Colorado divorce lawyer had indicated that "While it is important for couples to be optimistic about their second marriage, it is also imperative, as it is in the formation of any legal partnership, to have a frank and honest conversation that addresses the financial concerns that may arise in the unfortunate event that the partnership fails. A well-drafted document can streamline the court case in the event that divorce is unavoidable, so it is important to create an agreement that is clear, binding, and legally sound."

The wisdom hidden in Prenuptial Agreements for second marriages consists of several areas:

Estate Planning:

When spouses with children from previous relationships remarry, a Marital Agreement can be an essential tool for estate planning. For example, you may want to ensure that a part of your estate is passed on to your prior born children, and establish your will accordingly.

Protecting Business Interests

A Marital Agreement can also clearly designate the partners separate property vs. marital property in order to protect assets from business claims. For example: If one of the soon to be spouses own a business and does not have a Marital Agreement, it is possible for marital assets to be used to satisfy debts associated with the business.

Addressing Maintenance

Many individuals going through a divorce are surprised when ordered to pay maintenance, or spousal support. Maintenance agreements can address this issue and specify if a spouse will receive maintenance, under what conditions it will be paid, the amount, and for how long. Many Marital Agreements also have a "step up" provision that determines the maintenance amount and/or the length of time it will be paid depending on the length of the marriage. While no maintenance agreement can be considered insuperable to later challenges, based upon current law, a well drafted provision can reduce the possibility of having to go to court.

Victims' of Judicial Abuse in Canada's Family Courts

We are compiling a database of victims of abuse by the Family Law Industry. A future documentary film is also being taken into account. We are seeking a one page summary of non custodial parents' ordeals with the Children's Aid, Divorce Courts and Family Law Industry that has deprived parents of their children and children of their parents. We want your stories of court bias, unfairness and discrimination of the non custodial parent(s) and their children.

Your stories of apprehension of children and teens by the CAS and abuse or neglect in foster care. We want your child support horror stories. We want your stories about your struggles to get access to your children. We want to hear from the children too. We want stories from the non custodial parents or the children’s side.

Please, follow this format. One page only and to the point. On left hand side, Contact details with emails, Name(s) of children, Judges names, type of court order(s).

Heading: Your Province, CAS, Foster Care or Divorce and Child/Spousal Support,

Short summary: access/no access, how many times in court, legal fees, child support issues, effect on children etc. and your signature.

Top Right, include a small picture of your family. See template at

Mail to:
Brauer and Harris, Canadian Civil Rights Association 1061 Mines Rd. Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0, (902.798.5267)

Your judicial abuse stories must be mailed and we may use them in future court cases for Family Law Reform.

Get your stories in fast as there is a time limit. Time is of the essence. Timing is now. By signing them, you give us permission to use them for the benefit of all victims.

Healthy Divorce

A PBS special, Kids & Divorce: For Better or Worse, airing Thursday, September 14, at 10 p.m. on PBS, focuses on how court battles damage the children, leaving emotional scars that can last well into adulthood. In Collaborative Divorce San Francisco attorney Pauline Tesler and psychologist Peggy Thompson, provide more detailed answers to the questions asked by this revolutionary program.

Collaborative divorce saves complex litigation and expensive pit-bull lawyers, and provides psychological and financial counseling for the whole family, says Tesler. According to Tesler and Thompson, collaborative divorce costs one-third to one-tenth as much, and provides families with a forum to address the children's changing needs, both at the time of the divorce, and in the years ahead. Tesler and Thompson describe this ground-breaking way to restructure the family and divvy up the finances.

When and how was collaborative divorce invented?

Tesler: The collaborative divorce movement took place back in 1990 by Minneapolis divorce attorney, Stu Webb. Peggy Thompson and I began working with collaborative teams in the mid 1990’s in the San Francisco area. There are now over 7,000 collaborative practitioners in North America and as many as 9,000 worldwide.

How is this approach different from mediation?

Thompson: The mediator’s goal is the same as a litigator’s--a fast settlement. A mediator can’t act as your attorney, provide emotional support, give you an impartial analysis of the finances, or help your children through this traumatic process. It’s impossible for one person to do all these things. A collaborative team helps you through the divorce, and is there later on, when aspects of the settlement need to be revisited.

What are the psychological benefits?

Thompson: A new study reported in the current Journal of Marriage and Family shows that divorced women have a greater risk of heart disease in later life than those who are continuously married.

How do I find a collaborative divorce team?

Tesler: Collaborative divorce is now available in nearly every state in the US, and in many foreign countries. For a referral to collaborative professionals in or near your area---attorneys, coaches, and financial advisors—contact the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (

Are there some cases that can’t be solved collaboratively?

Tesler: Collaborative divorce requires two people working in good faith. For example, it’s not for people who want to use divorce for vengeance, or those with a long history of abusive behavior or certain mental illnesses.

Is it good for lawyers, too?

Tesler: Absolutely. This is a lawyer-driven movement, started by those of us who feel an adversary system is no good for families that are crumbling. In our training sessions, tough divorce attorneys often burst into tears and say, “I was on the verge of leaving the practice of law. But with the collaborative approach I can help families in transition, instead of putting them in the firing line.”

Collaborative divorce handles the split out of court, and offers the couple a variety of professional support. Both get their own attorneys. Both lawyers vow never to take the divorce into court. Individual coaches also help the couple deal with high-voltage emotions. A child development specialist is the “voice of the kids.” And an impartial financial consultant helps the couple and their lawyers devise more creative solutions than even the most Solomon-like judge ever could. Collaborative Divorce is already a rage. It has earned the approval of judges and attorneys who are looking for a way to help struggling families and free the family courts.

Ebook for fathers to gain Child Custody

Ever wonder why women win custody in family law court and why men are "allowed" to see their kids every other weekend and required to pay child support? The reason behind this is as simple as that - women take the time and effort to learn how the system works. Quite a few fathers have lost custody of their children just because they didn't take the time to find out the rules of the Family Law system. A man can be his own worst enemy during a custody battle. His failure to learn what he can do to win his case will result in defeat.
There are many family law lawyers out there who will promise fathers the world and not deliver. The truth is, when involved in the divorce process or going back to court for custody issues, lawyers does almost nothing! Before even seeing a judge or the inside of a court room, most states require mediation. Family law lawyers aren’t even allowed in mediation. 99% of the time the judge accepts the mediator’s recommendation. Lawyers know this, and they want their clients to settle out of court. They want to make their money without doing anything. Men can waste years of their lives, not to mention thousands of dollars battling the legal system, just to lose. But there is a different way to fight the system. Fathers can fight for custody without hiring a family law attorney, without wasting thousands of dollars each year. Fathers just need to know the right information to help them with their legal problems.
There is a great online program that gives fathers amazing strategies to help them in custody battles. It is implying astounded that more fathers have not taken the approach taught in this book. The strategies that "Family Law Secrets Revealed" reveals can help almost every father who is fighting for custody. Take a look at this eBook at Consider that the average family law lawyer requires at least a $3,000 retainer fee just to get your case started and file the initial paperwork - spending $29.00 on this eBook could turn out to save fathers thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Divorce Seen As Biggest Challenge to Stable American Family Life

Americans recognizes divorce as the biggest challenge to stable family life in the morder day, outpacing other factors (1) such as same-sex or dual-career couples, according to a new survey, “The Changing Shape of the American Family.” Conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Martindale-Hubbell’s from LexisNexis and Redbook magazine, the survey is featured in the November issue of Redbook.
Nearly nine in ten (88%) of U.S. adults opine that divorce has an adverse impact on maintaining a stable American family life. In comparison, 53 percent feel that way about same-sex couples, and 50 percent say dual-career households negatively impact families. Virtually all U.S. adults (99 percent) acknowledge that families have changed over the past generation, and 70 percent say those changes have been for the worse.
“Clearly, many Americans are apprehensive about the forces that threaten family. They're struggling to understand all this change and what it means for their own personal choices, but they also feel a lot of compassion toward other families that make different choices--or don't have a lot of choices,” said Stacy Morrison, editor-in-chief of Redbook. The unease that many U.S. adults feel about non-traditional family arrangements could be compounded by their lack of familiarity with legal concerns that affect families. The survey shows that 85 percent say they are somewhat or not at all knowledgeable about basic family law issues. Among the documents Kopit recommends adults consider are wills, prenuptial agreements, co-habitation agreements and powers of attorney.
The following data from the survey indicates the make-up of American families:
--One-half of all U.S. adults are currently living with a spouse or opposite-sex partner; --Thirty-six percent of those married or living with a partner currently live with their biological children;--Nearly one in five (19%) U.S. adults with at least one child in the household also have one non-immediate family member living there (such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent);--Parental ties are strong: nearly half (45%) of single, never-married U.S. adults live with at least one biological parent; and --Some Americans go solo: nearly one-in-five (17%) of all adult Americans live alone.
Martindale-Hubbell’s from LexisNexis is the leading lawyer directory on the Web, providing consumers and small businesses access to a free database of more than 440,000 attorneys and law firms nationwide. helps site visitors make a fast, informed decision when choosing a lawyer. More than one million searches per month are conducted at by consumers and business people in search of the right lawyer for their needs. LexisNexis is a leading provider of information and services solutions, including its flagship Web-based Lexis and Nexis research services, to a wide range of professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets. A member of Reed Elsevier Group plc. LexisNexis serves customers in 100 countries with 13,000 employees worldwide.

Information on Divorce in New York City

Life began so wonderfully. It seemed as though you were locked inside a great big bubble of happiness. You tied the knot with the love of your life and went on to have three kids. You are young. You were young. Your husband or wife has been looking after all the bills. Three or four years go by and things are slowly changing. Your husband or wife is not home as much to help you with your household chores or with caravanning the children to their in sundry appointments and birthday parties. You wonder... is this the way things are supposed to happen? Then the arguing starts taking place, sometimes involving verbal conflicts or even physical abuses. Sometimes, you just feel isolated and neglected. You have no one to talk to about your changing life. You have asked, but your spouse refuses to see a marital counselor or counsel from your church or synagogue. And then the day comes when your husband or wife tells you that they no longer love you or that they want a divorce or separation.
In New York State, the NYS divorce attorney hears a version of the above fact scenario day in and day out. The above stated fact scenario is more common than you might think. Yet each individual has their own set of circumstances, their own priorities, their own way of looking at things, and things are just not that simple.
You may turn to friends and family and everyone has a different view point on what to do. Stay? Go?
The first thing you should do is start finding out how to protect the best interests of yourself and your children. If you or your children are being ill treated or abused there are places you can go and things that you can do immediately to stop the abuse.
Call 911. Call child protective services, there is a department in each and every county in New York State. Go to Family Court and get an Order of Protection. Call your family lawyer. Or seek immediate custody of the subject children. At all costs, protect the children from harms way.
And then start worrying about what you must do to begin preparing for divorce. Call a New York City divorce lawyer. If you are in NYC and seek a top NYC divorce lawyer then search the internet and call a few attorneys and find one you are comfortable with. If you are in a smaller town or county you can call your local Bar Association for a referral. But by all means get help. Do not stay in a situation of domestic violence. The NY Family Court has a wonderful history of providing a respite for those in fear of their lives.
And if you feel you just can not go it alone, do not hesitate to seek out professional help from a New York State lawyer. The more experienced ones will know just what to do to protect your legal rights in an efficient way and make you feel comfortable at the same time. Your secrets are safe with a NY divorce lawyer. If the above sounds familiar do not hesitate to act now. Hire a NYC divorce lawyer now.
If you are safe and out of harm's way, then seek a New York Divorce Lawyer. If you are in New York City, then here is a partial list of some shelters you can go to until you have a chance to see a reputable New York Divorce lawyer or New York Family Law Lawyer.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Divorce & Family Law Blog

Managing Partner Trent Wilcox of Wilcox & Wilcox, P.C. declares the launch of a new blog, Arizona Divorce and Family Law ( New blog answers commonly asked questions and addresses current Arizona family law topics, including divorce, custody, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony) and other commonly litigated issues.

Blogs, officially weblogs, are also known as "blawgs" when targeting legal issues. Blogs are easier to update and thus to keep current. Frequent posting by Mr. Wilcox helps keep things fresh and also ensures that a wide range of topics are covered. Links to other resources will be provided so readers can find answers to their unanswered questions.

"Arizona Divorce and Family Law provides another resource available to the public when dealing with the courts, a divorce or other legal issues. Many people cannot afford to hire an attorney and there is a need to have common legal questions answered. Arizona Divorce & Family Law is a good place to start. Although everyone's case is different and there are other resources out there, this blog provides a jumping off point for further discussions with a lawyer.", says Mr. Wilcox,

Wilcox & Wilcox, P.C. is a central Phoenix law firm with three attorneys focusing their practice on divorce and family law issues.

Campaign for Sixth Court of Appeals Seat

Longview attorney Andrew G. Khoury declared today that he is a Republican candidate for Justice (Place 2) of the Sixth Court of Appeals.

Andrew G. Khoury, who has been a leader in the legal profession and in his community, said the critical issues in the campaign are qualifications and fairness: “In my years of practicing law I have represented clients ranging from individuals and small businesses to hospitals, insurance companies and large multi-national corporations. I have represented my clients as both defendants and plaintiffs in matters as varied as contracts, products liability, business litigation, probate, oil & gas, personal injury, family law, antitrust and other fields of law.”

A leader in the Northeast Texas legal community, Andrew G. Khoury is a Past President and Past Director of the Gregg County Bar Association, a former member of The State Bar of Texas Judiciary Relations Committee and a member of The State Bar of Texas, Northeast Texas Bar Association, Bar Association for the Eastern District of Texas, Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit and Phi Delta Phi law fraternity. Khoury is highly rated for his legal ability and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubbell, the top legal rating publication.

A fifth generation Northeast Texan, Andrew G. Khoury is a native and lifelong resident of Longview, an honors graduate of Longview High School and Southern Methodist University and a graduate of Baylor University School of Law.

Long active in his community, Andrew G. Khoury is a member of the Longview Chamber of Commerce, Longview 20/20 “Under 40” Forum, Board Member and Judge of Longview Teen Court, Past Professional Division Co-Chair for Greater Longview United Way, member of Good Shepherd Health System Foundation “Prospectors” fundraising auxiliary, Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Gregg County Historical Museum, The Summit Club and Texas State Society of Washington, D.C.

Andrew G. Khoury is also involved in a number of alumni and athletic booster organizations including SMU Alumni Association, Baylor Law School Alumni Association, SMU Mustang Club, Longview University Center Circle of Friends, Longview Lobo Football Booster Club, Longview ISD Alumni Association and Longview ISD Foundation. Khoury is an outdoor enthusiast and a member of NRA and National Wild Turkey Federation.

Andrew G. Khoury is a lifelong conservative and Republican and a former student of pioneer Texas Republican Senator John Tower. He has supported President Bush, former Presidents Reagan and Bush, U.S. Senators Cornyn and Hutchison, former Senator Gramm, U.S. Representatives Ralph Hall and Louie Gohmert and a number of state and local Republicans.

Pledging to run a clean, issue-oriented campaign, Andrew G. Khoury noted that it would be unfortunate if any of the other candidates in the race or their supporters set a negative tone for the campaign by using labels. “Some people will look at my record and label me an insurance company lawyer; others will look at the same record and brand me a personal injury lawyer. Such characterizations do nothing but tarnish the public’s perception of lawyers and judges and fail to tell voters anything about the qualifications of candidates. My career reflects that I am fair and balanced, which is exactly what a judge should be.”

The Sixth Court of Appeals is a three-judge panel based in Texarkana, Texas. The district includes the following counties: Bowie, Camp, Cass, Delta, Fannin, Franklin, Gregg, Harrison, Hopkins, Hunt, Lamar, Marion, Morris, Panola, Red River, Rusk, Titus, Upshur, and Wood.

Andrew G. Khoury faces two opponents in the March 7 Republican primary. The winner of the primary will face a Democrat in the November general election.

Young Victims

One and all want to defend children from abuse. Occasionally the family court system fails our children despondently in this regard.

California Protective Parents Association (CPPA), in Sacramento, California. Karen Anderson its director and in her editorial, “Judgment Pronounced – Sentenced to Life – With an Incest Offender” she describes case after case of judgments by the family courts in California where judgments were rendered that favored fathers to an unconceivable level. Fathers who have abused their children, who have battered their children’s mothers, get custody.

Karen Anderson in one case describes that a mother was beaten and her child was sexually abused, but after a divorce the father obtained custody and the mother was vilified and controlled to limited supervised visitation and told her protective behavior was damaging her child. When she went public with her pain, the result was that all her contact with the child was cut off.

“These cases are examples that show a cultural shift in attitude toward incest and maternal protective behavior. How did we go, in such a short time, from punishing perpetrators of incest, to re-uniting children with their known offenders, to punishing parents who attempt to protect their children from incest?”

Karen Anderson answers this question with a history of the family court system in California. It reflects a cultural move in approach, a dysfunctional overemphasis on “the fatherhood initiative”, and many other factors in society at large and within the court system that militate against mothers in their desperate efforts to protect their children. In succeeding articles of this series, Karen Anderson will examine these factors and provide suggested solutions. She leaves us with a vitally important question:

“When children are taken away from safe parents and placed in the custody of abusers, what effect will this societal betrayal have on these children’s lives in the long run?” This is a question that all of us, in every state, must ponder seriously.

Christmas - The Divorce Season

Christmas is at all times judged to be a tense time of year - somewhat reflected in the number of divorces filed in the courts after the Christmas period is over.

Divorce-Online, the largest online divorce service in the UK, carried out a survey of 1,000 visitors to their website during October and November asking whether their users believed the festive season had an effect on the decision to divorce in their family.

Mark Keenan Legal Director at Divorce-Online said, "relationships that are already in trouble are likely to falter during the Christmas break with all the stress it can bring emotionally and financially, and that the decision to separate appears to be taken during the festive break, with many couples then launching their divorce petitions 2 years later."

The evidence is not just vague as Resolution, the organization that represents family law solicitors, records a max out number of inquiries each January.

With the cost of divorce now only rising through increases in lawyer’s fees, court fee hikes and legal aid is being reduced, many people are revolving to self help services like Divorce-Online to help them achieve a quick, amicable and inexpensive divorce.

Divorce Mediation

"What is a Divorce Mediation?" a common questions that an individual going through the divorce process asks. Divorce Mediation is a process which allows both you and your spouse to maintain control over your destiny and the terms of your divorce settlement. In divorce mediation, a neutral facilitator will help you and your spouse talk about needs and wants. Both parties and attorneys attend either four-hour or eight-hour mediation, depending on the complexity of your case.

Is the Mediator a Divorce Mediation Lawyer?
Although some mediators are social workers, most commonly the mediator is a lawyer who acts as a neutral person to help you settle your case.

How is the Divorce Mediation Lawyer Chosen?
The mediator is chosen and agreed upon by the attorneys. Every Family Law attorney has a "short list" of competent mediators who specialize in family law with whom we are familiar, whose style we are comfortable with, and who we have found to be effective, particularly considering the individual aspects of your specific case.

What is the Role of the Divorce Mediation Lawyer?
The role of the mediator is to facilitate an agreement between the parties to prevent the necessity for a trial.

Can What I Say Be Used Against Me Later?
Everything said during mediation is confidential. The mediator cannot be made to testify in court if a settlement is not reached. The mediator will only report one of two things: "settlement": or "no settlement".

Further, you and your divorce mediation attorney will advise the mediator what you do or do not want shared with your spouse and your spouse’s attorney!

How Does This Work Exactly?
Procedurally, you and your divorce mediation attorney will remain in one room, while your spouse and his or her attorney stays in a separate room. The mediator travels from room to room conveying each side’s offer and/or counteroffer.

Sometimes, the parties mediate by all being in the same room together. This is common if your mediation is taking place at a county dispute resolution center.

Friday, March 23, 2007

'Family Support' Payments are Tax-Deductible as 'Alimony'

Tax Smart America® reported a vital case, held in San Diego California, the United States Tax Court. In this case, it was found that some segment of what was defined as family support payments are to be measured tax deductible as “money” payments as determined under the facts in this case.

The case began with the taxpayer in the filing of amended tax returns based upon the investigation that some portion of the support payments appeared to represent “alimony.” The refund asserts was denied by IRS, and shortly thereafter, San Diego Tax Attorney, Gary M. Erickson was contacted to move the matter into federal tax court.

About Tax Smart America® Business Center company has created a number of business support programs. Who use a