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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

iABUNDANCE! Shines To Authorize Women, With Innovative Self-Help Products

DALLAS-Chris Self and Mary Anne Redmond in 1998 founded Abundance Resource Network, Inc. (dba iAbundance). They began with a vision: the Spirit of Abundance shared globally, empowering women with the nuts and bolts of finances, and life made easy and fun when it comes to money matters.

As unique as the story of these two women being drawn together is, the dynamics behind the assembly of the iAbundance team is equally as impressive. Talented women wanted to be a part of this new company and experience the transformations they knew would occur with iAbundance products. Many wrote checks to support research and development. Women volunteered to join a one-year Advisory Board. Others agreed to participate in a nine-month focus group, requiring homework and dedication.

After five years of research, product development and test marketing, Chris Self and Mary Anne Redmond have introduced their first Spirit of Abundance Kit, available in June, 2003. Uniquely user-friendly, the Kit includes videos/DVDs, audios/CDs, a financial planning handbook, daily reminders of Abundance, and a guidebook.

Suzie Humphreys, a motivational humorist and one of Dallas’ best-loved radio personalities for more than 20 years, is the inspiring and entertaining star of the videos/DVDs, “I Can Do That!” and The Spirit of Abundance. She also hosts the six iAbundance Having It All Together with Abundance and Finances audiotapes/CDs that take listeners on a journey of discovering the basics from specialists in financial planning, insurance, investing, family law, Abundance, and more. The listener hears other women’s real-life stories and how their lives were transformed by the powerful messages on the tapes.

Completing the comprehensive first Kit is a colorful stand-up spiral-bound set of Spirit of Abundance Daily Reminders with 44 ways to enjoy Abundance every day; and the handy reference booklet, Having It All Together with Financial Planning Handbook, filled with practical knowledge and a brief overview of the financial planning process. Color-coded for quick reference, the spiral-bound booklet compresses key information and offers nuggets of wisdom and practical advice on financial matters.

The iAbundance community of empowered women is represented by exclusive jewelry pieces hand-crafted with the free-spirited logo that heralds the joyous message of Abundance. Created in Sterling and 14k Gold or all 14k Gold, the pendant is available at select retail outlets and through the iAbundance website. Initial reviews of the videos and audios have women clamoring for more Spirit of Abundance information and inspiration. Women are eagerly pre-ordering the first Kit for August delivery.

Chris Self and Mary Anne Redmond aren’t stopping with one Kit- more plans are in the works. The Spirit of Abundanceä products will spread to the homes and lives of women and men nationally with an infomercial, a radio show and a fun & inspirational Spirit of Abundance board game.

Chris Self says, “Our vision, our products and our company are all unique. We share a mission to bring women (and men) out of the dark with regard to finances and prosperity and, through iAbundance; we hope to make an enriching difference.”

Mary Anne Redmond adds, “Our core values are FLASH (fun, loving, Abundance, simplicity, and highest quality). We want our company, our products, our clients and our suppliers to all experience flashes of inspiration and the joy of enlightened possibilities when being involved with iAbundance.”


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