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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pro-Family Law Center Opposes the Homosexual Political Agenda or the "Gay" Movement

The Sacramento-based Pro-Family Law Center has announced the opening of a litigation office to oppose the homosexual political agenda in California. The office will be headed by Richard Ackerman, formerly of the United States Justice Foundation. The PFLC litigation office will target agencies and organizations which seek to legitimize homosexuality to children or to suppress the freedom of speech of those who disapprove of homosexual conduct or the "gay" movement.

Ackerman said, "The 'gays' pose as a distinguished minority, but their movement is among the most powerful and corrupt political forces in California,” "Under the far-Left Davis administration, homosexual activists are remaking California in their own image and natural families are suffering the consequences. My job is to try to even the playing field and stop the homosexual attack on family values.”

PFLC President Scott Lively said, "The 'gay' agenda has gone too far. Today in California, public school children are being indoctrinated to be pro-'gay,' public monies are being siphoned off to fund 'gay' projects, and average citizens are being punished for speaking out against the 'gay' lifestyle. Our litigation office will challenge the people, policies and practices that put destructive 'gay' interests ahead of the needs of families.”

The Pro-Family Law Center is the nation's former legal organization devoted completely, defending natural families from the homosexual political agenda. Founded in June of 2000 as a division of Abiding Truth Ministries, the PFLC until this date has primarily worked to train parents and others how to efficiently respond to the "gay" agenda in their communities. Resources developed in support of these educational activities, including

Believing that homosexuality and divorce are evenly harmful to family-based society, the PFLC also operates a family mediation service to help strengthen natural families by working to resolve marital and family conflicts outside of court. Heading the mediation service is Dana Cody, a civil rights attorney from Sacramento.


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