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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Fair Child Custody Resolution

California State family law does not discriminate between fathers and mothers as the law applies equally to all people. There isn't any difference between and man and a woman in the eyes of the court. A good Vallejo divorce lawyers advocates for his/her client’s interests. Both fathers and mothers have parental rights.

The most likely outcome is that your children (if you have them) will spend most of their time with one parent and have liberal visitation with the other parent. If both parents live on the same school/district, it becomes quite easy for the children to spend equal amounts of time with both parents. But, chances are that you're going to move before your divorce is completed. This means for practical purposes, it's difficult to have equal visitation for both parents.

All good Vallejo divorce lawyers will explain that the right to visitation is based part on a theory in constitutional law. This law states that parents have a fundamental right to parent their children. If neither parent is unfit, each parent shall enjoy residential time with the children after a dissolution of marriage. Vallejo divorce lawyers specialize in child custody and residency issues with all its subtleties. So, get a good Vallejo divorce lawyers, but don't worry - it will work out. The issues of child custody come up when the divorcing parents have a minor child. It is very important that both parents maintain a healthy and supportive relationship with their child. However, the issue of child custody often is often contested as most parties are not ready to recede and settle the issues amicably.

A competent and professional child custody attorney will help you your divorce go more smoothly. Bay Area family law offers effective child custody attorney services to couples in California. BAFL operates in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Rosa, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Concord, Vallejo and Daly City.

Child custody can often be the most difficult and profound issue when the parents depart from each other and the future of the child is left in the doldrums. It is very important to have a professional child custody lawyer represent you and your child’s interest as the primary actions can have long-term consequences on the proceedings of the case and also on the welfare of your children.

Usually, if the divorcing parents are unable to reach an agreement regarding custody or time-share, the decision is then left to the court. Before any judge makes any custody order, the parties must mediate their issues. Sometimes, an attorney is appointed incase the child is a minor. In such cases, it is of paramount importance to having an experienced attorney who is sensitive to the special issues around disputed child custody.


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