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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Separation Agreement

SEPARATION AGREEMENT - In a marital breakup, a document created by a Vallejo Family Law attorney that outlines the terms of the couple's separation.

So why might you want to have a Vallejo family law attorney draw up a separation contract?
The main reason to get a separation contract is that you can live separate lives without officially getting divorce. You can still get a divorce if you need one, and having a separation contract makes getting a divorce really easy (or at least much easier). Another reason is to get a separation contract is that it's cheaper than settling your differences in court. The reason is that once you've agreed on the document, there's nothing left to fight over. All the issues are resolved in the separation contract that your Vallejo family law attorney created for you. If you need to get a divorce, all you need to do is file a few forms and you're done.

So, it's kind of like a temporary divorce. You can get a Vallejo family law attorney to provide you with a separation contract. It's easy, fast and relatively cheap to do. If you find that you do in fact need a divorce, having an existing separation contract makes the divorce very easy to execute. The Vallejo family law attorney can use the separation contract as a guidebook for how the divorce will be structured.

The provisions of a separation contract created by a Vallejo family law attorney are binding upon both parties. The provisions become binding once the final decree is filed with the courts. It is possible that the court may rule that the contract is unfair. So, you've got the courts on checking up on your Vallejo family law attorney. In most cases, the whole process is pretty streamlined. The Vallejo family law attorney draws up the contract, you and your spouse sign it, and that's it!

Many couples facing irreconcilable difference prefer entering into a separation agreement over a divorce because they expect their marital differences to get resolved over the period. Some choose it as a convenient yet temporary solution to avail themselves of the benefits arising out of joint properties thereby safeguarding against their financial interest. However, they can file for a divorce if they feel they are ready for one.

After getting a judgment from the court the couples can stay separately while enjoying the benefits arising out of joint properties. However, when one of the parties to a separation agreement feels that he/she is ready for a divorce, then he/she can file dissolution of marriage petition before the court.

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