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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Uncontested Divorce - Advantages

The most striking advantage of uncontested divorce is that it is cost effective. In contested divorce, the parties have to incur a heavy sum of money through various litigation expenses, attorney fees and other court fees. On the contrary, uncontested divorce process offer solutions with the least possible cost.

However, this is not the only reason for people to go for it. Unlike contested divorce, uncontested divorce allows the couples to keep their personal and private matters to themselves thereby, leaving them to lead their post-divorce life easily. Although the agreements between the spouses in uncontested cases will be matter of public record, but the disclosures they make will remain truly private and personal. Beside, the various issues and proposal discussed during negotiation of an agreement will also remain private to both of them.

In nutshell, uncontested divorce is advantageous over contested divorce in a sense that it offers solutions with the least possible cost, thereby allowing the parties to separate from each other with dignity. If the couple seeking divorce is reasonable and does not have any conflicting issues such as joint property, then uncontested divorce is the best option available to them.


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