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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Uncontested Divorce - How much it costs

The costs of uncontested divorces vary widely and it, by and large, depends upon the attorney you choose. Usually, it costs around $500 to get an uncontested divorce and takes about one day. However, it largely depends on the kind of attorney you approach. There are attorneys who charge as much as $1200 for an uncontested divorce whereas there quite a few lawyers who take as little as $90. So, what is the reason of this variance in fees? This is because some attorneys don’t do a large number of uncontested divorces and, therefore, spend a significant time on the divorce and on their clients. This is why they charge higher fees. On the contrary, attorneys who charge around $100 are likely to have their practice around high volume of divorces and spend little time with their individual clients. However, they tend to increase their fees if there is any involvement of children, significant assets or unusual debts with the case.

At Bay Area Family Law, we provide uncontested divorce support services on a personal basis at a cost which is reasonable and affordable for the people in the region.


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